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No matter if it is their first experience or they already know some swimming techniques, we take great care in making them feel safe and at ease during swimming lessons. With small group sizes we are better able to give them more attention from their instructor which helps speed up their learning experience.

Heating our pools eliminates any risk of your child contracting a cold before entering the water, giving your children access to learn and practice their swimming abilities throughout the year. With these pools, children are able to build on their skills all year round!

Star Swim Schools was established on the premise that water skills and safety are crucial life lessons for babies. Our 49 week program ensures consistent training to allow students to move through levels quickly. You may even qualify to claim Medicare benefits for our baby swim classes!

Preschool Swimming Classes

Preschool swimming classes at our preschool swimming classes Cranbourne provide an ideal learning environment for your little ones to discover the thrill of water! Our teachers specialize in working with young children and will develop your child's skills slowly while ensuring they progress at their own pace.

Discovering aquatic skills early can help children build physical strength, cognitive abilities and social connections - as well as become safer around water - according to research conducted at Griffith University, children taking regular swimming lessons are 11 months ahead in their verbal development and two months ahead in literacy development.

Our heated pools enable children to practice their swimming skills all year round. Our small group sizes give each swimmer the individual attention and care that they require in order to quickly learn and advance faster - as well as providing comfort from fear of getting cold or becoming sick during lessons.

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Adults lacking basic swimming abilities number in the millions each year; without proper instruction they risk drowning. Adult swimming lessons Cranbourne offer an effective solution for developing this essential life skill.

These classes are tailored specifically to each student. From those nervous of submerging themselves in water to those looking to build confidence for mastering basic swimming techniques, our SafeSplash Certified instructors are dedicated to teaching everyone at their own pace.

These classes are perfect for students who benefit from individual attention, including nervous first-time swimmers, children with special needs and competitive swimmers seeking to perfect specific skills. Swimming classes also make an excellent low-impact exercise option for those living with asthma, arthritis or multiple sclerosis and offer numerous physical health benefits as well as psychological and emotional well-being advantages.


Is Swimming Beneficial For Your Kids?

Swimming can be an enjoyable way for children to stay physically active throughout the year. Swimming helps develop endurance, balance, strength and flexibility.

Swimming, unlike many sports, allows kids to develop at their own pace and builds an incredible sense of achievement that encourages lifelong learning.

Improves coordination

Swimming is a full-body workout that helps improve balance and coordination, while simultaneously helping children develop fine motor skills faster than their non-swimming peers. Swimming provides children with an opportunity to develop these fine motor abilities faster.

Swimming helps children form positive associations with water early, helping to eliminate fears around it later. Furthermore, it promotes cardiovascular health while serving as an enjoyable family workout activity.

Children who learn to swim typically develop resilience by meeting challenges with a positive attitude and practicing their strokes to set personal best times. Swimming also allows kids to interact with other children safely while developing social skills in an enjoyable and welcoming environment.

Children often face daily stressors ranging from schoolwork and peer pressure, to social activities. Regular physical activity helps mitigate this tension by producing feel-good endorphins to ease tension in both body and mind.

Strengthens muscles

Kids require daily physical activity in order to remain energetic and active during their school day, which swimming provides. Swimming provides them with a fun cardiovascular workout while strengthening arms, legs and improving back alignment at the same time!

Swimming offers sensory input through touch, which may decrease tactile sensitivity and increase proprioception (an awareness of body positions in space). Furthermore, its repetitive nature may help children strengthen both memory and learning capabilities.

Swim lessons teach kids discipline as they work towards reaching their goals and can serve to relieve stress and anxiety while providing a calming effect, similar to yoga - ultimately leading to improved sleeping patterns which is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Relaxes the mind

Swimming not only improves children's physical health; it can also provide them with mental relief. Swimming requires coordination - children need to focus on leg kicks, arm pulls and breath control in order to complete each stroke correctly - which helps calm thoughts and relax minds, particularly for kids who have ADD/ADHD.

Simply floating and gently gliding across the cool waters is known to have a soothing effect on many. Coupled with exercise's endorphin-releasing power, it can really help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Good mental health is just as essential for children as it is for adults, affecting their mood, memory and ability to handle stress. Enrolling your children in swim classes can provide them with a fun activity they will look forward to each week and become part of their lifelong wellness regimen - not to mention it's also a great opportunity for one-on-one time with you and their classmates - plus bonding together through shared experience!

Improves sleep

Swimming requires coordination both physically and mentally. From arm pulls, leg kicks and breath control - to arm stroking and breathing control - successful lessons require focus that will carry over into other aspects of life such as academics. Swimming lessons provide children with valuable lessons on developing discipline they will carry over into other aspects of their lives such as academia.

Swimming can also help improve sleep quality by relieving stress. Kids can release endorphins while swimming, and the soothing sounds of water can relax them for a peaceful night's restful slumber.

Studies show that participants taking swim lessons reported higher grades and increased concentration levels during the day than their counterparts who didn't swim lessons, most likely as they slept better at night and felt refreshed upon awakening in the morning. Sleep is essential to mental wellbeing; an excellent night's rest can be just as essential.

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