Kingdom Valley:Modern Housing Society with Secure Environment

Kingdom Valley Housing Society, Islamabad, is a modern housing society with world-class amenities and facilities. It is situated on the Srinagar Highway and is well-connected to the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The Society offers many residential options, including plots, villas, and apartments. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides comprehensive maintenance services, including security services, property management, tenant issues management, and fencing & gardening. The Society has a dedicated hospital and a range of health and fitness facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, and spa. 

In addition to the maintenance and security services, the Society also provides a range of other services, such as tenant consultation and dispute resolution, emergency response services, and tenant education. The Society is also actively involved in various community programs and initiatives, such as assisting the elderly, the disabled, and the less fortunate. The Kingdom Valley Housing Society is a perfect example of a modern and secure housing society. The Society is committed to providing its residents with a comfortable and secure living environment and ensuring that the highest safety and security standards are maintained.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad

In the centre of Islamabad, there is a semi-gated residential community called Kingdom Valley Housing Society. This Community may be readily reached from any area of the city because to its location along the Srinagar and Kashmir Highway.


The Society also participates in the Naya Pakistan Housing Plan, a program supported by the government that aims to give individuals all around the country access to inexpensive homes. If you're seeking for a safe and comfortable location to live in Islamabad, the Kingdom Valley Payment Plan is an excellent choice and quite affordable.


With the opening of the New Islamabad International Airport, the commute to and from the Society is even more convenient.

The Islamabad Motorway is also nearby, allowing for a fast and safe commute. It is conveniently located, with all the necessary amenities and services provided. The Society also offers competitive rates and is a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.


Kingdom Valley Developers

Kingdom Valley Housing Society, located in Islamabad, is a modern housing project developed by Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal. It is equipped with advanced infrastructure, local landscape, the latest technology, amenities, safety and security, engineers, architects, builders, planners, and managers committed to making it a world-class housing society.


The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Housing Society have ensured that all the elements of the project are in line with international standards. The developers have also paid special attention to ensuring that the local landscape is preserved and that the project is designed to blend with the local architecture.


The developers of Kingdom Valley Housing Society have ensured that all project elements are of the highest quality. They have considered the needs of the local people and designed the project in a way that meets all of their needs. The developers have paid special attention to the local people's needs and ensured that the project is safe and secure.


Kingdom Valley Location

The Kingdom Valley Housing Society is in a prime location in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is situated along Srinagar (Kashmir Highway) and is just a short drive from Islamabad International Airport. It is also close to Rawalpindi Ring Road, Mumtaz City, Blue World City, and Capital Smart City. The location is one of the most sought-after spots to live in the capital city and is surrounded by lush greenery.


Overall, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a great place to live and is considered one of Islamabad's most desirable locations. It is a great place to live and work and is perfect for those seeking a safe and secure environment.


Kingdom Valley NOC Status

The Kingdom Valley Housing Society project is being developed to create a vibrant and livable community, focusing on safety, green spaces, and other amenities. The initiative is working with the relevant authorities to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This is a prerequisite for all construction projects in Pakistan and is necessary to guarantee that the development complies with all applicable rules and legislation.


The concerned department or agency issues the NOC after thoroughly examining and assessing the proposed project. It is a prerequisite for any construction activity and must be obtained before the commencement of any building activity. Once the NOC is obtained, the project can move forward, and the construction activity can begin.


This will enable the development of the project, which will ultimately provide affordable and quality housing options to the people of Islamabad. The NOC is a key component in any development project, and the Kingdom Valley Housing Society is committed to obtaining it promptly and efficiently.



Kingdom Valley Payment Plan And Plot Sizes

For those wishing to invest in or relocate to Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the perfect residential and business location. There are many plot sizes available, ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. The Kingdom Valley payment plan is also very affordable, making it suitable for various budgets and requirements. The payment plan includes a down payment of 40% at the time of balloting, followed by 8 bi-annual payments of 25% each and 40 monthly installments of 5%. This makes it easy for investors to plan their investments and spread the payments over a longer period.


Overall, Kingdom Valley Payment Plan offers an attractive investment opportunity with various plot sizes and an affordable payment plan. The balloting process ensures fairness and transparency in the selection of applicants, and the easy payment plan makes it suitable for a range of budgets and requirements.



The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an ideal place to invest in, with its villas, apartments, modern facilities, and amenities. It is located in Islamabad and is easily accessible and well-connected, making it a desirable place for upper-middle-class families to settle in. The Society is well-planned and well-maintained to ensure that it remains a pleasant place to live.


The Society is conveniently located near the Islamabad International Airport and major highways, making it ideal for those who want to commute to the city. The management of the Society is also proactive in engaging with residents to ensure their needs are met. In conclusion, the Kingdom Valley Housing Society is a great investment place.

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