Revolutionise Your Company Merch With A Swag Personalised Stubby Cooler

If you're looking for a unique and economical method to promote your company, corporation, or corporate event, a custom-printed stubby holder is an excellent choice. Drinks after work are a terrific way to bond with your coworkers, and you get to know them better each time. 

However, in the winter, everyone gets cold hands fast and becomes impatient to get home before nightfall. So, how do you deal with this? Of course, by delivering office stubbies! But don't simply go to your local shopping mall to acquire some; customise the stubby coolers to be part of your corporate branding! 

Your office swag is lacking something: stubby coolers! You presumably already have pencils, paper, tote bags, and perhaps matching t-shirts and drink bottles if your firm is hip. However, stubbies for after-work beverages are the 2023 organisational culture trend. Everyone wants a personalised stubby holder, and even better if it tells them how fantastic of an employee they are. It is the pinnacle of bragging rights to have a swag stubby cooler with a quirky work quote or milestone. Here are some things you can put on a work stubby for your office merchandise.

The Company Logo

Although it may appear apparent, selecting and positioning your logo or brand name is an excellent place to start. Many organisations have two or three logo alternatives, so it's all about selecting the best one for your new stubby holders. You could also experiment with your brand colours to make it appear more welcoming! However, try to keep the colour scheme consistent with the rest of your swag; you don't want any of your coworkers to seem out of place with their new stubbies.

Quotes Around The Office

If you or your coworkers have a popular workplace phrase, why not include it in your new stubby coolers? Stubbies are fantastic workplace souvenirs, but they shouldn't be as professional as your notepads. Make them enjoyable, engaging, and representative of your company's culture. If you're strapped for words or graphics, consider studying some of the legendary The Office quotes or memes to inject some levity into your workplace culture.

Reviews & Milestones

If your company's identity prevents you from being too creative with the design, try personalising the new workplace swag. Customer feedback or employee achievements might be included in your stubby coolers. Reviews and milestones are excellent methods to express gratitude while being professional and building trust. If your clients come in for face-to-face encounters, it's also a covert boast approach.

Are you ready to start making your stubby coolers? Contact Simply Merchandise to discuss your ideas, or send them a few photographs of how you want your stubby holder to be personalised, along with any text or unique inscriptions. If you need help developing your personalised stubby coolers, the design team at Simply Merchandise is available to assist. 

They will take care of the rest after you've decided on the specifics for your stubby, and your custom-printed stubby holders will arrive looking fresh and ready to dazzle in your next corporate swag bag. Simply Merchandise is your ideal personalised gift partner, and they can help you by providing fun and unique custom products for your employee swag bags. You can buy your personalised gifts at Simply Merchandise, and prepare to be amazed by the impeccable results.

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