Musician’s preferred Music store in New Zealand

Music Planet is a music store located in New Zealand. It’s owned by a man named Roger Smith. Back in the year 1955, his father, named Neville, bought instruments from a company called Baldwin Piano and Organ, which is located in the United States, and then he would import those instruments. Over time, the business he had took off until he became an agent for Thomas Organ company. Then, in 1967, Baldwin acquired Gretsch and Thomas became associated with Vox. This allowed Neville to add guitars and drums to his business.

Roger worked with his father, Neville from 1973 to 1980. At that time, Roger started a new company called Mainline Music, which became successful and grew into multiple stores. In 2001, Roger sold all of those stores. Shortly after that is when the idea of Music Planet happened. At this point in his life, both Roger and Neville had spent years importing and distributing music and sound products, so they knew it was time to branch out into their own, larger company. 

Roger’s father, Neville always wanted to ensure that his customers were satisfied—customer satisfaction mattered to him the most, so that is what Roger believes and keeps alive to this very day. Music Planet’s purpose is passionately dedicated to music and helping hobbyists, students, and musicians succeed in whatever musical goals and plans in life they have. 

They have stores, both in-person and online. Their customers have been happy working with Music Plant and have left good reviews on Music Planet’s website. One such review was left by Ema ZiolkowskiOrewa which said:

“I would like to thank Riley for the huge amount of help he was to me while I was guitar shopping. Knowing little to nothing about guitars Riley helped me pick a fantastic one for my partner's birthday. I was really feeling the pressure as I needed the guitar within 48 hours... To my surprise, it arrived the very next morning! Excellent customer service! I have a very happy birthday boy :)Thanks again!”

They sell so many musical instruments and sound equipment; anything a musical hobbyist or musician would ever need. They sell guitars from electric guitars to acoustics and regular ones, cables and amps for them. They sell drums, symbols, and even starter kits for kids. They also sell bass guitars, including left-handed basses, acoustic and electric bases. Their store also sells keyboards, pianos, grand pianos, and other piano accessories such as workstations and synthesizers.  On top of that, they also sell sound equipment, like microphones, amps, cables, adaptors, and speakers. Not to mention anything you would ever need inside a studio to produce your music with high-quality, affordable equipment. But don’t worry; they also sell plenty of accessories for all of your musical instruments from bags and cables to picks, metronomes, stands, straps, pedals, benches, stools, headphones, and more. 

They also sell instruments and equipment for children, perfect for musicians who are beginners and want to start learning music at a young age!

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