Earn2Trade Review and its comparison with topsteptrader

Do you want to know about Earn2Trade? What is the work it performs? How is it helping in the trading business? Here in this article we will give a detailed Earn2Trade review along with its comparison with topsteptrader. 

Earn2Trade Review:

It is an educational company working since 2017. They are offering services to their customers including learning courses which help them to become professional. Students who trade successfully under given conditions yet have access to prop trading companies with amounts of 25,000$ to 200,000$. It's an intermediate between traders and prop firms. Their headquarters are located in the USA.

Different programs of Earn2Trade:

Investment program:

It is interested in traders who want to become professional. So this company doesn't offer any investment solutions.

Affiliated program:

It is secured by Post Affiliate Pro. It's a quality marketing material and also provides 7 types of commissions. These commissions include Cost per action, reward for efficiency, and lifelong rewards. Minimum withdrawal is 100$ and can be paid once a month.

Trading conditions:

They are offering three rate plans for different trading purposes. Minimum investment amount is 90$, which is monthly pay for account access and service. They offer an 80/20 split rule.

      Minimum deposit of 1$ is available

      Leverage rate is 1:1.

      Provide customer support 10/5.

      They use NinjaTrader, R Trader Pro, Finamark, and others as trading platforms.

      Allow mobile trading and affiliated programs.

Topsteptrader Review:

A USA registered online company. They have been offering financial services since 2012. They are providing exclusive trading services for international clients. Help day traders having knowledge about trading and currency. There is no experience required to open a trading combine but for the opening of a real funded account you need to meet different requirements. For the opening of a real account you have to go through a trial period in which trading limits are set. After getting success in both of these steps you can get your account successfully. There is no minimum deposit in the company, you will get money for trading by the broker. You just have to show high trading results to get income.

Different programs of Topstep:

Investment program:

It provides services for the traders who prefer independent capital management along with profits by the help of transactions within a single trading day. No condition for investment, passive trading or using services in company.

Affiliated program:

You can get extra income by participating in it. You will get all the required tools including marketing material, promotion method and strategies tool. You can get a bonus by attaching your referral link and attracting new active clients to this platform. 

Trading conditions:

They are offering you three subtypes of accouts differ on the basis of purchasing ability of trader. Before trading on real accout you get training on demo account. If the results are positive you will get your live trading account.

      Maximum leverage rate is 1:100.

      Minimum deposit is 1$.

      Providing support 8/5.

      Using DTrader, TSTrader, NinjaTrader, TradingView, Bookmap X-ray, CTS as trading platform.

      Offering 9 basic currencies for a trading account.

      Having medium average commissions of 8$.




Minimum deposit

No minimum deposit


Maximum leverage

No Maximum leverage

1:1 to 1:100

Spread rate

No spread rate

From 0 point

Margin call level

No level of margin call


Execution of order

No order execution


Bonus deposit

No bonus deposit


 Hence Earn2Trade is an educational company providing knowledge to the beginner traders about the trading techniques and strategies. While topsteptrader is providing trading services to their international clients.


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