Tips & Tricks for Styling Your Summer Skirts

Summer is perfect for flaunting your vivacious curves, and skirts are the perfect outfit for this. Perfect summer skirts can add variety to your wardrobe and be the most comfortable way to gear up for the summer. 

Skirts can fit any of your moods, be they fancy, flirtatious, powerful or bubbly. You can wear a maxi skirt that floats around your ankle, keeping you breezy or a mini skirt to flaunt your long-tanned legs. 

Skirts can liven up any situation. You can fasten a wrap-around skirt around your waist on your swimsuit and bask in the summer sun, or don a long skirt and stroll in the park. Date nights in the summer can be exciting, with a pencil skirt accentuating your figure. 

Summer skirts are easy to style and can be paired with bikini tops, a boho blouse or a plain tee to create the perfect summer outfit. Coupled with simple jewelery, a pair of flip-flops or flats give you a complete look.

Here are a few styles that you can try in the following summer season.

You can wear a summer skirt of any length you are comfortable with in a maxi, mini or midi. Summer fashion is wide enough to accommodate every woman's preference.

Styling Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have an ideal length- they are neither too long nor too short. The hemline of a midi skirt rests just below your knee, thus giving an airy look. They are the most flattering skirt style for every body type.

Midi skirts can compliment your waistline, making you look slimmer. They are a staple for enjoying any summer event, from beach weddings, music concerts, and festivals to dates and casual get-togethers.

  • Pair your plain bright midi skirt with any scoop tee and a pair of tennis shoes to create a comfy and cute outfit.
  • Your plain pleated midi skirt paired with a floral blouse will make you rock the world with classic beauty.
  • Wearing a textured midi skirt adds brownie points to your fashion. Coupling it with a buttoned blouse or plain tee can enhance your look.   

Styling Your Maxi Summer Skirts

A long, modest, and breezy skirt can be ideal for battling scorching heat. Plus, with a maxi skirt, you may not have to worry about cutting yourself shaving or undergoing painful waxing.

A wrap-around maxi skirt gives you full coverage when worn over a swimsuit. Maxi skirts with floral patterns or cooler undertones are much in demand. Here are some ways a maxi skirt can add flair to your summer look.

  • A high/low ruffled maxi skirt can be the best way to keep things interesting on a date. Letting your hair flow to the whims of the summer breeze and adding summer heels to the outfit can add a carefree personality.
  • You can pair your choice of boho maxi skirt with a loose tee or a tight bodice, depending on your mood and create a chic look. 
  • A long skirt with a side slit can help keep you breezy on a hot summer day. It can be coupled with an off-shoulder top and strappy sandals to complete the look.

Styling Your Mini Skirts for the Summer

Mini skirts can be your style statement. They will forever be in fashion and are a great way to flaunt your legs. They keep you cool throughout long summer days and are available in different styles- tennis, side-parted, or pencil skirts.

  • A silky mini skirt paired with a halter top and a pair of golden hoops can make you ready for a special night with your partner.
  • A checkered mini skirt, a casual tee, a flannel shirt tied around the waist, and a pair of sneakers or boots can give you the "it" girl look. 

There are several ways to style your summer skirts according to your preference, body type, and mood. Make the best of the summer by mixing and matching different looks to create the most creative outfits and enjoy them to the fullest!

Author Name: Hannah Gilbert

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