Is digital hoardings the new trend of advertising in 2022?

Walking the streets of a city, you have probably come across many digital displays advertising a product. This is an excellent way of capturing the attention of your target audience at the right moment. Are you wondering if it is your time to invest in this advertising form too?

Depending on technological advancement and the evolution of user pattern behaviour, it might be the best advertising trend in 2022. Hence, if you are associated with the advertising sector, you should seriously consider programmatic billboards!

Read this article to find out more about these digital boards and how they can scale up your advertising outcomes drastically.

What is a programmatic billboard?

A programmatic billboard is basically a programmatic digital out-of-the-home (pDOOH) advertising service that can promote your business in new ways. This marketing tool is born out of the digital evolution of consumers. For instance, we prefer most of our time engaging through the screens of our phones. 

This is purely due to transforming all entertainment mediums to screens from paper. Hence, more and more advertisements can be seen on automated billboards on the street. These project a quirky, customized CTA that captures a potential customer's attention and thus, enhances the chances of your marketing efforts leading to a successful deal. 

Reasons behind the success of digital billboards

These billboards witnessed a considerable success rate in 2021. Similarly, in 2022 the market estimate is supposed to reach 493 billion dollars globally. Some of the reasons backing up this level of acceptance in the advertising industry are these:

Easy to spot

Automated billboards are better than the still ones because they are attention-grabbing. Usually installed at locations with maximum still traffic, these boards are entertaining to watch. Moreover, they have flashy and colourful themes naturally pleasing to human vision.

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Economical Investment

This advertisement is cost-effective for both the parties, the service providers and the buyers. Through one-time investment, the provider can advertise multiple deals in a lifetime. Similarly, the one who is advertising doesn't have to worry about printing costs every time. 

Easy to incorporate changes

You don't have to worry about making an unfixable mistake if something goes wrong. Unlike paper hoarding, you can easily make edits here. Similarly, you can constantly update your advertisement according to trends. For instance, changing the current pricing is easy!

Customizable and creative!

Automated hoardings have a lot of scope for customization. This means you can change your advertisement according to time, place or a specific trend! There is no need to be stuck with a particular ad for days and weeks.

For instance, you can introduce the evolution of your products through the same medium. Similarly, you can also advertise multiple products within a short period. These possibilities leave a lot of wiggle room for creativity!

Bottom Line

The OOH advertising market is set to see a rise in the future. It is one of the marketing schemes that has grabbed the maximum attention. As an extension, DOOH has also found its place in the market. Consumers seem to be giving a positive response to this marketing trend. 

It has many impressive features, such as easy editing and space for creativity. Hence digital billboards are emerging as a favourite amongst marketers. Moreover, its characteristics align with the fast-changing marketing industry, making investing in them a cost-effective choice!

Author Name : John Paul

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