Choose Better: Types of Kitchen Handles for Aesthetics

Decorating a house is very different from decorating a kitchen. A kitchen needs essential items built with precision and aesthetics to aid every job swiftly. One cannot afford to install cheap items in this area since it looks unappealing and causes trouble in the most hurried times in the house. Products like black kitchen handles or curved Hampton-style handles are the best choice for those who want a classy touch to their accessible kitchen. These options have an ergonomic feature helping one swiftly push and pull cabinets and doors while cooking or obtaining items from inside.

Selecting the best knobs is a hassle without prior knowledge of the range available. Here are a few kitchen handles to consider.

Shell lip handles:

These handles are some of the most innovative picks for an aesthetic kitchen. They have a curled lip-shaped lining that allows one to place their fingers on them gently and pull them with ease. These look the best in metallic colours in black, grey, and pink shades. One must install these in their small bottom cabinets since it has a downward curl that won't look fitting on the upper cabinets.

Ensure to purchase a good quality shell-lip handle made of zinc alloy since they last longer and are considered some of the most durable handles in the industry. They also have an easy installation procedure that can help a family spend little time and money doing it themselves or through a professional.

Round kitchen knobs:

These kitchen knobs are a versatile pick for each door and cabinet in the kitchen. They have a large circumference that helps one hold the knob easily and pull without much interference. Select one with sanded edges so it does not feel rough on the hands and glides smoothly. One must find creative round knobs since the old styles can look unappealing and too simple. 

Use curved knobs with space between them and the cabinet to help place the hands comfortably and not hurt the knuckles upon pulling. Choose dark colours like black or brown for the best looks. Matte versions are a game-changer in this section, and one must choose these designs for a sleek finish on their cabinets.

Hampton-style cup handles:

Cup handles are the most convenient invention in the industry. They are the best choice for larger or heavier cabinets since they provide a tight grip and a large holding area. The handles also have a broad holding space to pull easily on cabinets containing lots of items. One must install them on lower shelves since they bend downwards. One can even creatively use them in a sideways manner for lower shelves. 

Golden and nickel colours are some of the best choices in this section since their large surface can impact the cabinet's looks. These colours compliment all cabinet shades and aesthetics due to their shiny looks.

Rectangular pull handles:

Old school is the best option for those who do not want to invest much time in their installations. These rectangle handles have a thin pole structure attached to the cabinet on the two ends giving it a subtle appeal. One can choose different matte/shiny variants or combinations for these handles. Most people resort to black kitchen handles in this section due to the classy looks that suit well with a modern kitchen.

Install them vertically or horizontally according to convenience and the cabinet's opening structure for the best appearance and usage. One can also select what colour they want their bolts on both attached ends to compliment the black kitchen handles and make them even more gorgeous. Ensure selecting a handle with a good grip and length to hold easily.

Author Name: Hannah Gilbert

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