Three Cool Mist Humidifiers for Your Bedroom That Are Peacefully Quiet

When it comes to pollution, physical garbage is only the tip of the iceberg.  Light pollution, noise pollution, and the very appliances in our homes can make decompressing and falling asleep nearly impossible, especially for those of us who live in urban areas.  Shades are rarely dark enough, allowing light from street lamps, buildings across the street, and cars coming down the street.  No window is thick enough to block the noise of airplanes, cars, and motorcycles.  

The modern age calls for more modern solutions that cause little to no noise and are unobtrusive from a visual perspective.  You might consider installing thicker shades, and you may limit the presence of electronics in your bedroom, including computers, though many of us have computers on desks in our bedrooms, especially for those of us who live in studio or single-bedroom apartments.  One item you may have not considered is a humidifier.  Humidifiers can serve as powerful bastions against the bodily symptoms of dryness, all while limiting the effects of noise and light pollution.

Why Humidifiers?

Certainly, maintaining a home is difficult, so why should you have a cool mist humidifier on top of all the other expenses inherent to owning a home, like bills and the maintenance of household appliances?  Dryness might be worse than you think it is.  It exacerbates the effects of communicable diseases as benign as the common cold, and it can worsen allergic reactions.  If you are living in a space with poor ventilation or you are living with a pet, a cool mist humidifier can be a good investment.  They are relatively easy to maintain, requiring a little over a gallon of water every two to three days.  Furthermore, many of them shut themselves off when they are out of water, so you need not worry about wasting any energy and making that electric bill any more significant.  Humidifiers are also quiet.  They are not even as loud as an air conditioning unit or furnace.  Certainly, they are no louder than dishwashers or washing machines.  

Whether you are experiencing a temperate climate’s dry season or living in an inherently dry climate, then a humidifier may help you feel better in spite of the harsh elements.  Humidifiers ensure that we get enough sleep by dissolving nasal obstructions, maintain healthy skin through moisturization, or even enjoy the sweet scents of essential oils, as some humidifiers allow for users to disseminate lavender oil into the mist that erupts from the device every couple of hours.  Here are some cool mist humidifiers that can reduce the symptoms of the common cold as well as those inherent to seasonal or environmental allergies.

  1. The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier has all the best capabilities outlined in this article.  It is entirely silent, it has a tray to disperse essential oils throughout each burst of mist.  Its tank fits up to a gallon and a half of water, and the water inside can cover up to 500 square feet throughout one room, so it is perfect for either a master bedroom or a studio apartment.  It is also guaranteed to shut itself off once the tanks empties.  It also presents no need for filters, so that you need not purchase those expensive things.  Probably, it is the best humidifier on this list.  This humidifier addresses the common cold as well as long-term disorders like allergies, so be sure to consider this cadillac among humidifiers, without regard to your budget.

2. The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Offering the novelty of a cute appearance, this humidifier is perfect for a nursery.  Not only is it a critical powerhouse of a humidifier, but it offers the inviting, non-clinical facade of a hippopotamus.  While hippopotami are literally the most dangerous animals on the planet, killing more humans per year than do lions or sharks, babies are not generally aware of this unfortunate reality, so an effective humidifier that addresses the mercurial needs of a vulnerably small baby would do well to take on the appearance of an organism whose appearance is ostensibly cute and cuddly.

3. The Clean Mist Digital Humidifier

The specifications of this well-rounded device are as follows.  This humidifier presents a sleekly modern design that allows for especially discreet dispersion of mist, though this dispersion is not as discreet as that of the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  With its varying colors, you can find one that can blend in or complement your master bedroom’s decor.  Its unobtrusive colors include steel, black, and wine.  For up to three days, its water supply may last, though its mist settings may not be as complex or as potent as those of the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  It offers five mist settings you might still find helpful.

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