How to create highly engaging Instagram videos?

In the current time, people are moving toward social media every single day. There are many social media platforms all over the internet used by many people daily. One of those platforms is Instagram, Instagram is not just a social media platform but it is a platform that is gaining popularity and growing every single day. Today Instagram has around 1 Billion users and is increasing day by day. 

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, users are getting excited and want information about the ways by which they can make more and more people watch their content and engage with them. Many people have mastered these ways and many still struggle to get full knowledge about it, but it's not rocket science.

So let's have a look at some of the many ways by which you can create a highly engaging video on Instagram 

Easy and simple tips to create highly engaging videos on Instagram:-

Trending Topics

Instagram gives you complete authority and freedom to choose topics and themes for your videos but the thing that matters here is will your followers and viewers like those topics. For this reason, you have to choose your topics very carefully while keeping the interest of your viewers in mind. 

It is always proven best to choose trending topics for your videos. Instagram provides you with the opportunities to make long videos (IGTV) you should use this to make in-depth videos with trending topics. This will increase the rate of engagement on your videos to a much higher level.

Video Specifications

While making a video on Instagram, you should be careful about some basic but important points because these points can be very useful and increase the engagement rate of your videos to the next level.

One of those points is you should make videos in a format of MP4 and your minimum resolution should be 720 pixels another thing is that your videos should be at least 60 seconds long. Using your mobile phone you can make videos with a maximum of 15 minutes in length and with your PC or laptop it can be an hour long.

Matching Thumbnail

It's necessary to make your videos interesting but what people see before watching your videos is the thumbnail of your videos. After watching the thumbnail people will decide whether to watch it or not.

So, before uploading a video you should spend some time making a creative and appealing thumbnail. The thumbnail should be built with great colors and proper lighting.

Use Title, Description, and Hashtags

You can increase the number of viewers on your Instagram videos by using interesting Descriptions, Titles, and Hashtags. For an ideal length make the Title of your videos at least 18-20 characters long. The title should be attractive enough to make the viewer play the video.

You should use relevant and specific hashtags that can attract non-followers and help them to reach your videos. Adding hashtags in your comment section is a better option than adding them to your description, this will give you an advantage in traffic.

Use Teaser or Preview

Instagram gives you an option to preview before you upload a video. If you use this option you can make users see a preview on their feed without even playing it, the preview will be 60 seconds long. Using previews, you can encourage people to watch your videos instead of just scrolling past them.

This feature is small indeed but it's an important one too as it can increase views, engagement, and reach of your videos. If your teaser is interesting enough to attract people to your videos then the people will watch your videos till the end and will be back on your page for more.

Try creating a Series of Videos

A single topic can give you far more benefits than you can imagine. Creating a series of videos on a single and popular topic is one of the most creative ways to make and publish interesting content. If your video is interesting enough then it will make users eager to watch the next piece of your content. 

All you need to do is choose a topic interesting enough to make people stick to the series of your videos until the last one. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that to make people glued you need to plan a complete strategy and apply it effectively.


Instagram is a platform full of opportunities, but with high opportunities, it also has high competition and if you want to survive and flourish in this stiff competition then you need to be creative and apply all your knowledge to your work. There are many simple things that we usually ignore but they can be of great help and using those we can increase our reach, views, engagement rates, etc.

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