Why Do Businesses Need IT Support in Today's World?

IT support is the backbone of the organization. The demand for IT support has grown significantly over the years. Although there is a daily routine for IT professionals in today's corporate world; it is not set in stone that the IT support team would immediately offer their help only during the stated working hours. Many businesses and companies compulsorily offer 24/7 IT support for their clients and partners. Such organizations understand the needs and importance of continuous IT support.

With great power comes great responsibility. Likewise, an organization that intends to offer 24/7 IT support surely knows the value behind it and how enforcing it would help them achieve customer satisfaction. Problems like server failure, network problem solving, system failure, and so on are inevitable and can occur anytime. 

Even if your organization has its own IT team, IT professionals would not be flexible to work in the early hours of the morning unless it also falls under their work timings. So having an IT service and computer repair in Edmonton in areas of T5J, T5K, T6C, T5N, T6A, and T6E that runs its operations for you 24/7 will definitely serve its purpose and still be cost-effective. 

Why is 24/7 IT support necessary?

Every business is moving towards digitization. It's the new norm and it's growing fast. Whatever the technology, we are bound to face unplanned and unexpected problems due to hardware failure, network connectivity issues, or system problems and we never know what might happen. Only if we (the organization) are facing such problems ourselves, do we look for service providers who can provide 24/7 IT support.

To help your customers in need and offer reliable services, a dedicated IT technician will always be available to assist your customers or partners in this matter. Customer satisfaction and referrals are the results of offering a 24/7 IT support service.

What are the rights under 24/7 IT Support?

The 24/7 IT support service achieves the following;

1. Easy access to technical support –

Customers, partners, or users who need IT support anytime, anywhere, can easily contact a dedicated IT technician via phone, email, web chat, etc. The response time of an IT technician would usually be less than a minute.

2. No customer loss –

Customers generally don't like to wait and expect a quick response. With a 24/7 IT support team waiting to offer their assistance, every customer would have their issues resolved with proper assistance and clarity.

3. Maximum customer satisfaction -

Provide your customers with IT support when they need it most. A satisfied customer tends to remain loyal and would not want to switch providers when they are satisfied with the IT support they receive.

4. Cost-effective strategy -

There is no doubt that your IT costs/budgets will be lower. When you hire a 24/7 IT support provider, you only pay for the services you choose. There will be no hidden costs. In addition, stable proactive support and maintenance from the service provider end. Contact Ticktocktech for IT support. They provide efficient services and their reviews show that customers are finding it better than Geek Squad in Edmonton


Every small and medium-sized business faces the wrath of cybercrimes and cyberattacks. In such circumstances, consider, for example, a server problem that takes longer uptime to resolve and then completely jeopardizes your business and leads to a bad reputation. 24/7 IT support strategically helps your business run smoothly and helps you focus on your core business.

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