Which is Better for Beginners: THC-O products vs. Delta 8 Products?

Delta-8 is the raw material for THC-O, however they are not the same substance. 

Before adding the acetic anhydride, producers are required to first extract CBD from pure hemp and turn it into delta-8 in order to make THC-O. 

End product is a strong THC-O extract that is pure, but before this safe to consume product is ready, there is a thorough refinement process, where the solution is processed to get rid of any extraneous components or lingering contaminants.

Although they are closely related, THC-O and Delta-8-THC are not the same substance. What you need to know before purchasing either is mentioned in this article. 

Delta-8 or THC-O; which is more potent? 

Although officially, Delta-8-THC from hemp is used to make THC-O, there are several important differences between the two. In fact, THC-O is so much stronger than Delta-8 that combining their dosages could be harmful.

Consider that a typical Delta-9-THC is estimated to be around 60% as powerful as Delta-8 to get a notion of the differences. Contrarily, THC-O is around three times as potent as Delta-9-THC. That's a significant change that results in entirely different dosages, application techniques, and outcomes.

How different are the effects of Delta-8 and THC-O products? 

Because THC-O connects with endocannabinoid receptors at a much higher rate, THC-O has different effects than d8 or even conventional THC.

It is very usual for people to report having more focused, better high, spiritual awareness and a strong euphoria with THC-O, that is similar to other psychedelic substances. 

Contrarily, delta-8 Products are well known for its mildly euphoric, calming, and possibly sedative properties. It frequently resembles the effects of a mild indica cannabis strain, making it a suitable spot for beginner THC users to start. 

THC-O products are often used for Leisure 

Although THC-O products might have medicinal advantages comparable to those of other THC compounds, it is more frequently used for recreational purposes. 

Experienced THC users find its increased strength intriguing, and many users appreciate the mild "psychedelic" effects. We might observe a rise in THC-O use for therapeutic purposes as more THC-O research is conducted.

Are they both legal? 

Delta-8 and THC are both subject to different state laws across the US, despite the fact that they are both manufactured from legal hemp and are therefore legal under federal law.

The use of Delta-8-THC and other THC analogues is prohibited in several states. While some states have rendered THC generated from hemp unlawful, others have just proclaimed Delta-8 to be particularly prohibited.

Thankfully, most states do not have this problem. Read our State by State Guide to Delta-8 Laws if you're unsure whether you can purchase Delta-8 or THC-O where you live.

Should you combine THC-O and Delta-8?

If you check the third party lab test of thc-o products, it's no surprise that you will find traces of delta-8, but it may not be advertised or informed prior. So the answer to this question is, yes, many manufacturers do combine both of these chemical substances. And after knowing the complex nature of thc-o, and due it's high potency, delta-8 is added to make it simpler and milder. 

Even though delta-8 is less strong than thc-o, when both of them are combined, it still produces a similar high as conventional THC-O. And if you are wondering, is it wise to use this product for a first timer? Cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp suggest that the mixture is safe to consume.

What are some major differences between THC-O and Delta-8 products? 

Delta-9 is known to be the most potent member of the delta family and THC-O is 3 times more potent than delta-9, from this you can get an idea of how strong THC-O is from delta-8. 

And because it's more potent, THC-O has stronger after-effects; many suggest that it produces euphoria and increases mental focus. All these effects are very similar to regular psychedelic drugs, whereas delta-8 has a reputation for producing a mild high. 

THC-O products contain delta-8, is it vica-versa? 

Delta-8 is made in the lab because it has low potency and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis. Cannabis plants do not have any traces of thc-o; rather, it is only synthesised in laboratories.


The dosages that are advised vary widely; given how powerful THC-O is, the required dose is probably significantly lower than the dosage required for Delta-8. To prevent overdosing, you must adhere to the suggested dosage guidelines for each product.

Difference between the creation process of THC-O and Delta-8?

THC-O is not a naturally occurring substance like d8, it's a synthetic one. You won't find traces of thc-o in your flower and this might be the biggest difference between these two, and this is why THC-O is highly potent and made manually in the lab. 

How exactly are THC-O products made? 

Firstly, professionals take some legal hemp plants (federally legal) and get some CBD oil from them. Moving forward, they use that oil and keep extracting until only delta-8 is left. Further, they combine delta-8 and thc-o. All this process requires rigid supervision and a high level of technicians—this process cannot be done at home by an individual. 

On the other hand, manufacturers use legal hemp plants and extract CBD oil to synthesise delta-8 (just like mentioned above). Then the cannabinoid is isolated from the oil. Some brands go with plant flowers that have higher amounts of delta-8 THC. 

Are Delta-8 and THC-O products safe? 

One of the most important factors for anyone is; safety. But you can't expect 100% safety when you are using cannabis products at high dosage. But while talking about the safety of D8 and THC-O, highlights are dosage and product quality. 

Be very careful when you are choosing a brand, delta-8 originates from cannabis plants and steer clear from producers who use unsafe methods. 

To ensure the high calibre, when you buy these products, always make sure that they provide the third party lab tests. It is advisable that highly potent products of thc-o must be taken with low dosages to ensure your complete safety.

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