Hinata Tachibana is the spouse of Takemichi's Hanagaki and was the motivation for Takemichi's desire to change the past.


As she reaches the age of adulthood, Hinata has light brown eyes. Hinata also has beautiful brown locks longer than before. The locks extend to her shoulders. She is sporting an oversize black dress that has been adorned with flowers that are embroidered with floral designs. The necklace she is wearing is a necklace that is worn around her neck, as a reminder of her relationship with Takemichi Hanagaki during their time in middle school.

In middle school, her hair appears smaller and thinner. It is cut in rectangular shapes with a elongated curl that sits slightly over her eyes. The typical outfit is Mizo Middle School uniform. Mizo Middle School uniform consisting of a white shirt, tied in stripes and an outfit that is matched with the jacket. She also wears black loafers.

While she was in High School, she had hair that increased to her shoulders.


Hinata is an energetic and positive persona. Her optimism is incredibly high and she continuously finds ways to make even the most difficult circumstances more positive. If others are depressed or sad, Hinata remains strong in her determination to continue to move forward.

She is a strong and determined teenager who is prepared to take drastic measures to protect those she cherishes. But this can lead her to be reckless and make her ignore certain actions without attention, such as the time she slapped Mikey at the time they first met, and was trying to defend Takemichi even though she didn't understand the situation in full. It was, thankfully, not a reason for serious consequences, but it was the case that she was ridiculed for the reaction her actions might cause.

Hinata is a warm and caring person who can connect with people effortlessly and takes care of people continuously. Her positive and cheerful nature provides peace and comfort to those that depend upon her assistance. Hinata ishowever very frightening when she gets angry. Mikey was astonished by the force she used to deliver the punch.


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(to to Takemichi) "If only I was a boy, if I was, then I'd protect you Hanagaki-kun."

(to to Takemichi) "You don't have the right to let them take you for a ride. I'll be there to protect you."

(to Mikey and Draken) "You think that I'm the one who's f***ing about? Friends shouldn't walk into another school and drag someone around without their permission. Takemichi-kun has been injured a lot lately. If it's your team's responsibility, I'll make you pay."



Hinata Tachibana began to meet Takemichi Hanagaki when she was still in middle school. She is extremely fond of Takemichi and is willing to take extreme steps to safeguard his feelings and his. Her cheerful smile and cheerful personality makes Takemichi's troubles to go away. She's also very vocal about her views.

We've seen her get angry due to her inability to understand Emma and Takemichi's romantic relationship. Later, she became acquaintance with Emma when she visited to discuss her feelings toward Draken she cheered for Emma as she and her friends attended the event.

Hinata is a strong motivator for Takemichi and his sole source of motivation. Hinata is very loyal to Takemichi as it is evident that following their breakup, she did not get into a second relationship. A four-leaf clover she kept for Takemichi throughout the time following their breakup.


Naoto Tachibana is the eldest twin brother to Hinata Tachibana. It's confirmed that the brothers share an intimate relationship and both love deeply with one another. Hinata is the only reason Naoto seeks his assistance to make a difference in his direction for the next.

Naoto is the primary factor behind Takemichi's ability jump time. He was an officer in the near future , after the Hinata's death was revealed by Takemichi.


Masato Tachibana Naoto, Hinata's father. The officer is with the Police Force. Additionally, Masato convinced Takemichi to stop his relationship with Hina in order to ensure Hina isn't involved in risky scenarios (Chapter 90).

Although he initially did well however, he later acknowledged defeat after Hina acknowledged her to him she shouldn't been married to Hina's mother because of the way in which society perceived his appearance.


The basis for this is from the Official Character Book of characters:

  • The color of her image is white.
  • She is a lover of cocoa.
  • She isn't a fan of bitter coffee.
  • Her forte is the piano.
  • The most loved species of all is dolphin.
  • People she admires and admires the most is her mother and Helen Keller.
  • The person she isn't fond of or is scared of is her father, especially if they speak too much.
  • Her dream is to be an experienced nurse.
  • Chart of relationships by Hinata:
  • Naoto is the younger brother.
  • Emma: Friend
  • Takemichi: Love
  • A tale (or story about the triumph or success or): "Takemichi praised me for the cookies I made. (I believed they were macarons but what the hell! )"
  • Her preferred place to visit is the top of the hill where she could enjoy the fireworks together with Takemichi.

The everyday life of

Going to school with Naoto Always an hour earlier than her peers and attending classes in the Music class is my absolute favoriteeating dinner with female classmates during the lunch break. On the way towards home spent an evening with Takemichi Kun! Get a bath that is long before sleep and text Takemichi goodnight and then fall asleep.

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