Ethan Crumbley, accused Oxford School shooter to remain in adult jail in Oakland County

The suspect accused of shooting Ethan Crumbley will remain in the adult prison within Oakland County, a judge was ordered to do so on Friday. The 16-year old, who is believed to have killed four people and injured seven others in a shooting spree last November, was scheduled to appear present in Court at 9 a.m. to conduct an annual review of his imprisonment.

The next monthly meeting of Crumbley's was scheduled for August. 25 , at 9:00 a.m.

The remote hearing requirement is part of Michigan law for minors being held inside adult prison.

The trial of Crumbley was initially scheduled for September. However, it was changed into the after-holidays to accommodate potential delay in the trial for jurors.

There are two additional legal avenues that are making their way into the legal system in relation to the Oxford School shooting: The criminal case involving Crumbley's parents James and Jennifer which has been filed through the Oakland County Prosecutor and the civil action brought forward by victims of the shooting.

Oxford School shooting civil case

In the last week, the court granted attorneys representing families who are part of the civil suit regarding the Oxford School shooting their request to hear from those who are defendants in the matter. It is unclear which defendants the plaintiffs might want to ask questions about, but district officials as well as the parents of Ethan Crumbley, as well as the suspect who was accused of shooting, were identified in the suit.

Judge Rae Chabot granted a motion to require depositions by plaintiffs in the matter after having heard the motion. It's unclear who plaintiffs' attorneys intend to interview however, there were several defendants named in the lawsuit.

The civil lawsuit which also comprises the relatives of Tate Myre and Justin Shilling who passed away following the shooting rampage in November, also names in the suit the Oxford School District several employees, Ethan Crumbley, and his parents as defendants in the suit.

It's just one of the many cases that have been brought up in connection with shootings at the Oxford School mass shooting. The case is in the stage of evidentiary as the parties try to determine the evidence that will be admissible during the hearings that will follow.

A judge has previously ruled on to release surveillance footage of the school in the civil lawsuit.

James and Jennifer's criminal trial

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office and defense lawyers for James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley have continued battling over the type of evidence that is admissible in the coming criminal trials. Both are accused of four counts of involuntary murder.

The lawyers for the parents made several motions to exclude evidence from the trial to be held in October. On June 27 the judge Cheryl Matthews ruled details about the messy house of the Crumbleys, James and Jennifer's drug usage, as well as their marriage problems were not taken into evidence.

Furthermore, Ethan's search history will not be considered in the trial and his Instagram posts won't be considered. Matthews claimed that there was no evidence to show that his parents were aware of what he was searching for or what he was posting since he had several Instagram profiles with different accounts that James and Jennifer didn't follow.

She also decided that the Nazi coin discovered in the room of Ethan is not admissible to support his parents' trial.

In the most recent file, the defense attorneys have asked that the Michigan Court of Appeals to dismiss the case..

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