The Best Cryptocurrency to Mine

Do you have a 9-5 job and always come home exhausted and underpaid? In this day and age, nine-to-five jobs hardly pay the bills anymore, so we understand your frustration; that's why we're here.

A good and profitable way to make money today is by mining cryptocurrency – and did we mention you do little work? Cryptocurrency mining is a great opportunity to earn a passive income daily with blockchain-based software and networks.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which distributed nodes on a particular cryptocurrency blockchain confirm transactions other users send through the network. They run a copy of the involved blockchain and then use software to verify that the transactions are legit.

However, before you jump on any cryptocurrency, you should know that some do better than others the same way some games do better than others when you use Parimatch live football odds. Below are some of the best digital currencies to mine and earn passive income daily.


Ethereum is a great digital currency to mine if you're a corporate or smart contract miner. However, to mine Ethereum profitably, you need a fast GPU miner; you can mine it with Lolminer, T-Rex, Geth, ETHminer, CGMiner, BFGMiner, and WinEth.

A CPU is not good enough to mine Ethereum; you won't get profitable yields. Ethereum is currently based on a Proof of Work mining algorithm, although it will soon be based on proof-of-stake.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is the ideal cryptocurrency for individual miners; it is a fork of Bitcoin designed to support blockchain scaling. In addition, this digital currency advocated the adoption of the proof-of-work algorithm to ensure major miners using ASICs aren't favored in the mining process.

Bitcoin Gold is unlike Bitcoin because it implements unique wallet addresses and replays protection to enhance funds' safety and security. Mining Bitcoin Gold on BTG only takes ten minutes; the profitable mining software includes EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner, GMiner, and CUDA miner.


Litecoin is the best cryptocurrency to mine for mining groups; it ensures speedy transactions, much faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin uses a decentralized blockchain like other digital currencies and utilizes an open-source cryptographic protocol. Litecoin is also a fork of Bitcoin forked to be mineable with a GPU and CPU when it was impossible to generate Bitcoin blocks with them.

However, you can also profitably mine Litecoin with ASICs and mine a block on Litecoin in 2.5 minutes. Mining software suitable for mining Litecoin includes CGMiner Litecoin, Easy Miner, MultiMiner, Awesome Miner, CPU Miner, and GUIMiner Scrypt.


If you're an individual miner who prefers private transactions, ZCash is the ideal cryptocurrency to mine. ZCash is a privacy coin that ensures transaction confidentiality, and you can use public transparent wallet addresses.

If you're carrying out a shielded transaction, you can use these transparent wallet addresses to protect your financial history and privacy. You can mine ZCash with CPU, which makes it the best option for beginners; the best mining software is GPU with EWBF Zcash Miner Windows miner.


ECOS is the best cryptocurrency to mine if you're considering investing in digital currencies long-term; it can be very profitable. ECOS is a BTC mining provider (one of the best) that is better mined with cloud mining or ASIC.

It has a convenient mobile application, available on Google Play and App Store, and tools like investment portfolios and exchanges. In addition, ECOS provides ASIC and cloud mining options for bitcoin, with $50 being the minimum price for a cloud mining contract.


Vertcoin is the best cryptocurrency to mine for individual miners on pools; it was created after Litecoin to be mineable by GPU. Vertcoin network is as decentralized as it gets because it supports GPU mining; you can't mine with CPU cards or ASICs.

You can mine Vertcoin on GPU mining pools like and or individually. Check their rates and commissions before mining if you choose to mine on a mining pool.


The fact that you can mine Monero with your CPU makes it the best cryptocurrency to mine for beginners. In addition, it is one of the best privacy-minded blockchains and coins that ensure transactions cannot be traced.

Monero, unlike Bitcoin, doesn't display transaction details like sending and receiving addresses and the amount sent. You can mine one Monero in twenty-four seconds at 4.99 XMR on GPUs or mining pools.

Haven Protocol

Haven Protocol is a Monero-based private coin that is best for holders. It is a mining platform that lets people store, transfer and convert monetary value directly from their wallets.

You can now convert Haven crypto directly from your digital wallet to other flat-pegged tokens. In addition, Haven Protocol offers synthetic fiat and digital currencies like xBTC and xUSD for easy conversion and exchange.


There are already over fifteen thousand cryptocurrencies in circulation as more people enter crypto mining. These eight we mentioned are some of the most profitable digital currencies to mine – provided you use the right software.

The best cryptocurrencies to mine are the cost-effective coins that are cheap to start to mine, like Monero. However, if you're looking for high profits, you should put Bitcoin and Ethereum at the top of the list.

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