Sexual Problems and Their Solutions


Beginning of the 20th century, when physicians started to study sexual dysfunction, they had believed that it is due to masturbation in childhood or too much of sex as an adult. The treatment recommended at that time was to stop masturbation and reduce sex. However, these days’ psychologists and doctors are working on the holistic health to restore sexual functioning, pleasure and developing effective treatments for common sexual conditions:

Lack of desire:

 With increased stress and physical weakness, people experience a lack of sexual desire or less to no experience in sexual activity and suffer distress in their relationship. 

For rekindling sexual desires, physicians recommend a multi-step process. Therapists start healing this condition by identifying negative attitudes related to sex, exploring the hidden mental blocks, and their origin, and teaching them new ways to think about sex. Consequently, attention shifts to behavior: therapists would suggest the patient to keep a record of their thoughts and address relationship issues. 

Painful Intercourse: 

Pain experienced during sex, or recurrent dyspareunia, persistent genital pain results in distress in the relationship. The pain usually occurs in the pelvic area due to structural problems or psychological concerns. Treatment for this depends on the reason for the same. A urologist or gynecologist eliminate or work on any medical conditions. To women, relaxation trainings are recommended as the typical treatment.

Erectile dysfunction: 

When the penis is not able to stay firm and erected until the sexual gratification is experienced, then intercourse becomes impossible. The reason behind this could be a combination of or either because physical and psychological factors. Physical conditions include illness or could be medicinal side effects. Whereas the psychological cause may include performance anxiety and shyness between partners. The therapist recommends working on anxiety issues by moving the focus away from the sexual activity.  ED patients can buy Kamagra UK to stay hard and firm during the entire lovemaking session.

Premature ejaculation: 

It refers to having an ejaculation soon after sex begins, it can be due to physical or emotional distress. While the cause for the same is still not clearly found but therapists recommend behavioral training. In this training, a person learns to hold the stimulation for longer periods. 

Suggestion for this includes:

Desensitization therapy: 

In this therapy vaginal relaxation exercises are taught to decrease pain.

Counseling or sex therapy: 

Either due to painful intercourse or terrible past experience, a person may have developed a negative emotional response to sexual stimulation. This can be improved by healing past issues and desensitization therapy. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: 

This therapy helps change negative thought patterns and behaviors to heal past trauma and develop intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction medicine: 

For treating this sexual concern, one can use medicines such as Eriacta Tablets 100 mg. This medicine works similarly to Viagra. It is known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors which work in the body by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis that allows blood to flow into the penis. Consequently, it supports gaining an erection and holding it till the happy ending is experienced. However, for this medicine to work sexual stimulation is required. To use this drug, you can consult your doctor, as they know your medical history. They can suggest you the appropriate duration. This can be taken after having a light meal as a fatty meal can reduce the effect of its chemical. One pill a day is recommended with water. It should not be mixed with alcohol. One should avoid the usage of this pill in the case ofa history of high blood pressure, heart attack, or recent heart or kidney surgery. In case of the experience of any side effect, such as headache, high BP, blurred vision, muscle pain, rash, or upset stomach, must connect with your doctor if these symptoms stay for long. 

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