How to train yourself for a job guarantee course

One of the most widely recognized and common questions we hear consistently from students and professionals is the same, how can they start, improve, or reposition their careers. Is there any chance where they can do this with an assurance like a job guarantee? Are there any online courses with job guarantee? Are there any placement guarantee courses? 

The answer is yes, there are a few such software courses with placement that assure placements or such courses that give job after graduation, basically some online jobs for freshers. Now, how to get a job as a fresher and how to train interview preparation for freshers or how to approach them is something you should consider knowing.

When you hear of courses like that you should consider the following. Is it a 100 percent Job Guaranteed Program or an Assured Program? The main things to look out for are the background of instructors, past placement percentages, alignment of curriculum with industry requirements, hiring partnerships of the institute, medium of classes, etc.

Notwithstanding holding a certificate in development or some other field, the students appear to be tormented by sensations of apprehension and unfortunate fearlessness, Why? Most importantly, why would that be a mass outlook of students expecting another person to be responsible for their professional break or forward leap? We should go to the basics.

What is the source of such anxiety, in spite of the data introduced on placement drives with dates, placed students data, 1000's enrolments every year, the gigantic pool of in-house tutors in cutting edge skills like Web 3.0 and IoT area, and obviously the authenticity of the institutes' 17 Years presence? Notwithstanding the data given upfront, there is a reasonable quality of doubt when considering enrollment.

As opposed to offering a reasonable response and condemning, let us inspect the outlook that prompts the inquiry. I accept there are different sides to this coin that should be viewed in response to this inquiry.

  • From the Student's/Learner's perspective
  • From the institute's perspective

Besides, a significant viewpoint adding to the pressure of being jobless is an absence of conviction in our capacity to make it, despite having a huge scholarly score in bachelors or masters in Engineering. From the student’s outlook, the dissatisfaction is reasonable.

The institute thinks it's providing you with the best tutors with good portfolios so that you can upgrade your skills and they also guide you resume building and make you interview ready so you don’t really have to face much trouble later going in for the process. But that’s about how much you can expect and should expect from the institute. You can always ask for help from these institutes in terms of getting an interview but you will have to crack the interview yourself and prove you have the skills for the job. You can always ask for assistance and help from the tutors cause you’ve paid them for it and that’s completely normal.

In any case, this doesn't give us the option to go with an attitude of 'totally depending on another person' or to pass on liability regarding your career break or forward leap. We should understand that it doesn't work that way by any means; as a matter of fact, we are misdirecting ourselves under the shadow of our own frailty.


You have to focus on your learning cause only if the skills are in the right place will the placements happen. You can't simply rely on any mentor or any institute, because even if they are able to get you a placement and you don't have the skill, it will not be a sustainable career. So, focus on learning. 

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