5 Tips: How To Remove Dried Nail Polish From Wooden Floor

When applied neatly to your nails, nail paint is admired for its durability and longevity, yet the same swipe of colour loses its charm when it drips on the ground. There is always a chance that you will spill a drop or two of nail paint on the floor, no matter how careful you are. Spilt nail paint may seem like a nightmare, but there are a number of solutions you can use to clean it up and restore your floor to its pre-spill state. Keep in mind to not use a nail polish remover since it can remove the wood polish.

Removing nail polish

Scrape it away

If you spill nail polish, wait until it has dried before cleaning it up. Wiping immediately can rub it further into the wood. Grab a plastic putty knife and level it with the floor while holding it up against the dried-up nail polish spill's edge. Without cutting into the wood, insert the putty knife into the spill gently. With your putty knife, scrape up the majority of the nail polish to clear the floor of the spill.


Acetone is really good at getting rid of nail paint, but it also damages the finish on your hardwood floors. Never use acetone on a nail polish stain without first testing it in a discrete area. Blot first with a clean cloth dampened with acetone, and avoid rubbing to remove the stain's worst areas. To eliminate any last traces of colour on the floor, wipe it down with a towel that has been lightly dampened with acetone. Dried-up spills can ruin the look of your floor and can be troublesome if you live in a rented house. At the time of vacating, hire a reputed bond cleaning service to make sure such stains are removed.


Use a clean cloth or cotton swab and a small quantity of hairspray to dab the nail polish stain. You can also spray hairspray into a tissue, press it over the stain, and let sit for a few seconds. To prevent accidentally spreading the wet stain, attempt to blot the stain alone and avoid scrubbing the nearby wood surfaces. In order to remove dirt effectively, you should always scrub against the grain.

Rubbing alcohol

Grabbing a paper towel, dip the end into some rubbing alcohol. Any nail polish residue on the floor can be gently cleaned up by applying rubbing alcohol and allowing it to soak for about five minutes. Use hairspray in its place if you don't have any rubbing alcohol. Only rub the stain with a cotton swab or cloth if it won't come out with gentle dabbing with a cotton swab or blotting. Acetone can be replaced with rubbing alcohol for wood floors with a milder finish.

0000-grade steel wool

Try removing the nail polish stain using 0000-grade steel wool if you don't want to use chemical cleaners on your wood. You can still apply light pressure to the steel wool to remove the polish. Scrubbing vigorously is not necessary. You can always use stain markers or touch-up solutions on the area if you must exert force. Test these at a hidden place before using them.

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