4 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Home (and Life) Before Going on Vacation

Vacation. Oh what a wonderful word and it feels so good to log off and enjoy some time for yourself, especially in such a busy world. No matter where you’re going on your vacation - whether it be a long roadtrip, a trip abroad, or just a weekend away - you’ll have some things to do to ensure that your home and life is safe.

After putting the question out there to the public, we compiled some unique tips to share with you, which you can read below:

(1) Around the House

Edward Flower is the Managing Director of Hollington Doors Ltd. and mostly deals with garage doors. For the tip below, he discussed some practical things to consider around the home (including your garage) when leaving for vacation:

“I’d recommend taking an hour or so before leaving on vacation to ensure that everything is settled around your home. Do a walk around and look out for the following:

  • Are there any items that are not secure or tied down that could blow away if bad weather arrives while you’re away? Make sure everything is indoors or in a place where it won’t potentially harm anyone.
  • Is there an option to turn on a motion censored light that will keep prowlers away from your home?
  • Is your garage door closed completely, along with all other exterior doors and windows?
  • Do you have an alarm system in your home? Make sure it is operating and turned on.

Who knows what you’ll find when doing a walkaround of your home. From open widows to random items that could potentially fly around the yard, it’s always a good idea to do a walk around before leaving for any amount of time.”

(2) Being Careful on Social Media

Lucie Chavez is the CMO at Radaris, a universal people directory. As an expert marketer and someone who deals with people searches, she knows it’s important to keep some personal information to yourself:

“I know it’s intriguing to share your travel plans on social media, but it can be harmful if people realize that you’re gone from home for an extended period of time. In fact, this can be extremely dangerous in many occassions. Try and keep your information vague and maybe even avoid any posting at all if you can so people don’t see it as an opportunity with an empty home and no one around to watch it.”

(3) Consider Your Plants and Lawn

Daniel Carruthers works with Cultivar Greenhouses and wants to make sure you don’t forget about your plants and greenery when going on vacation!

“Your plants and greenery can’t just be turned off or closed when going on vacations. Certain plants need to be watered, your grass cut, and your garden to be tended on an ongoing basis. If you’re going on a longer vacation, you might have to make arrangements for these living items or you could risk losing them. Gardens could become overrun, plants might die, and your lawn could be out of control when you arrive back home. Consider these living beings before going on vacation!”

(4) Having Someone Check On Your Home

Our final tip is an obvious one but is recommended and perfectly said by Ali Sapra, the founder of The Elite Post and someone who has experienced in this specific situation:

“Things seem to happen when you’re away on vacation and I think that’s because people aren’t there to see the warning signs. For example, a small leak in a pipe can help you stop a fully flooded basement if you spot it early enough. That’s why it’s helpful to have someone check on your home every day or so. They might be able to spot something small that could turn into something bigger and cause major issues. Ask someone you trust to check in regularly and make sure they are familiar with as much as possible so they can possibly notice some things that could be going wrong.”

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