The Best Belt To Win At The USPSA World Shootout

Competition shooting ranges require many specific pieces of equipment to be used properly. One piece of gear that is particularly critical is the USPSA competition belt. From the weight and design to the buckle, this belt features all the features one would need for a perfect match.

What does a USPSA Competition Belt look like?

The USPSA Competition Belt is the focal point of any USPSA match. This belt is designed to show which shooters are the best in the world. The belt has many different colors and designs that identify different divisions of shooting. This belt also has a lot of important symbols on it. These symbols show which shooter has won a particular match or event. The most important symbol on the Competition Belt is the Champion’s Mark. 

Why is it Made Up of Rubber?

Belts used in USPSA shooting sports are typically made of rubber to provide a good grip and reduce recoil. Rubber is also very heat-resistant, which is important when shooting firearms that can generate a lot of heat. 

How to Choose the Best Belt

To help you make the best decision when it comes to your belt, we’ve put together some key tips to help you win at the World Shootout. 

1. Choose Your Weaponystem

Before you can choose your belt, you first have to decide which weapon system you’ll be using. There are three main categories of USPSA competition: rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and pistol shooting. 

2. Choose Your Size and Type Of Belt

The belt size is important not just for your comfort level while shooting, but also for your gun’s stability. A too-large belt will not only be uncomfortable but can also cause your gun to move during a shot. For high-power guns this is not good since the whole point of the gun is to stabilize the bullet’s flight path. But when you have a low-power gun, like a revolver or double-barrel shotgun, you want to make sure that the belt is as thick as possible without being overly bulky. 

3. Maintain Your Gun Cleanliness

One of the biggest mistakes new shooters make when deciding on their belt size is not cleaning their guns after each range session. If you do not clean your gun after each use, and if it gets dirty while you are shooting, your gun may work poorly and potentially jam up on you during competition. You should also be sure to thoroughly clean and oil your parts before going to the range to avoid any issues with the gun.

How to Clean a USPSA Belt

One of the main considerations when preparing for this event is ensuring your handgun is in top condition. One way to do this is to clean your belt regularly. Here’s how to clean a USPSA belt: 

1. Remove the belt from your firearm.

2. Soak the belt in warm water and soap for a few minutes.

3. Rinse the belt with water and dry it off completely.

4. Apply a thin layer of gun oil to the belt where it will come into contact with your firearm.

Tips and Tricks on Shooting a USPSA Competition Belt

Here are some tips and tricks on shooting a USPSA competition belt: 

- Use a consistent grip on your gun and keep your hands close to the center of the grip. This will help you control the gun more easily and improve accuracy. 

- Aim carefully and try not to pull the trigger too quickly. This will cause inaccurate shots. 

- Keep an eye on your target and adjust your aim accordingly. Be patient and wait for the right moment to shoot.


These belts have been specifically designed to provide maximum support and comfort when firing multiple rounds quickly, so make sure you pick one up before heading out to compete!

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