NBA 2K22 - Mike Conley's 'Dark Matter' Season 7 MT Reward!

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If you’re a dedicated MT player, getting up the ranks should be no problem, and in Season 7: Return of Heroes, one ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card for ex-Memphis Grizzlies player, Mike Conley, should be a no-brainer for you to redeem at this point!

Mike Conley was a long-serving Point Guard/ Shooting Guard for Memphis Grizzlies from 2007 to 2019.

Now, playing for Utah Jazz, Conley’s contributions to his previous team have not been forgotten, and in NBA 2K22, he is set to receive a ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card for you to unlock in Season 7: Return of Heroes’ MT refresh!

Today, Conley’s brand new player card has outstanding in-game stats like:

(PG/ SG) Mike Conley’s Dark Matter ‘Season Level 33 Reward’ Player Card: OVR 99

·        Stamina (Athleticism): 98

·        Speed (Athleticism): 97

·        Acceleration (Athleticism): 97

·        Lateral Quickness (Defence): 97

·        Speed with Ball (Playmaking): 97

Furthermore, Conley also enjoys amazing in-game Badges as well:

·        Finishing

o   Acrobat (Hall of Fame)

o   Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)

o   Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)

o   Giant Slayer (Hall of Fame)

o   Slithery Finisher (Hall of Fame)

o   Etc.

·        Shooting

o   Blinders (Hall of Fame)

o   Catch and Shoot (Hall of Fame)

o   Chef (Hall of Fame)

o   Circus Threes (Hall of Fame)

o   Difficult Shots (Hall of Fame)

o   Many more!

·        Playmaking

o   Ankle Breaker (Hall of Fame)

o   Bullet Passer (Hall of Fame)

o   Dimer (Hall of Fame)

o   Downhill (Hall of Fame)

o   Floor General (Hall of Fame)

o   Tons of others!

·        Defensive

o   Ankle Braces (Hall of Fame)

o   Clamps (Hall of Fame)

o   Intimidator (Hall of Fame)

o   Menace (Hall of Fame)

o   Pick Dodger (Hall of Fame)

o   A few others

Mike Conley’s ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card is unlocked for you by reaching Level 33 in MT, so you just need to stick to your guns and grind your way to success for this one.

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