My TP Link Extender Not Working After Firmware Update

“My TP Link WiFi extender stopped working after firmware update. I thought that firmware updates are very important for the smooth and well-working of TP Link extender, but it has almost ruined my device. After seeing this, I got really worried because I don’t want to replace or return this or do not want to spend more money on it. Please provide me the best TP Link troubleshooting tips so that I can make the most out of my range extender from the comfort of my home.”

Do these queries seem similar to yours? If you nod in yes, then drop all your worries because you have made a vast decision of choosing this post. Here you will surely get one of the best TP Link troubleshooting tips that will make your WiFi range extender up and running within minutes. So, there is no need to return or replace your device. Yes, your extender will work as expected without taking your precious time and money.

Let’s dive in!

TP Link Troubleshooting

If your TP Link WiFi range extender has stopped working suddenly then it means that:

  • You haven’t performed the firmware update correctly

  • The firmware file has been corrupted due to sudden power outage

  • Wrong firmware version is downloaded

  • You have interrupted the process by turning off your range extender, clicking on a link, going online, and so on.

So, to make the most out of your range extender, you have to perform the TP Link firmware update process again.

  • First you need to reset TP Link extender

  • Configure it again

  • And, download the latest version of firmware (as per the TP Link extender model you have)

Don’t fret! We have got your back! Keep scrolling down!

The first tip towards fixing the issue is to reset your TP Link extender back to factory default values. Here’s how to initiate the reset process.

Reset TP Link Extender

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you disconnect your TP Link device from your main router (if connected).

Step 2: Then, locate the reset hole on it i.e. on the extender.

Step 3: Now what you have to do, press the reset hole and wait till the power LED on your range extender starts blinking.

Step 4: Release the reset hole and give your extender some time to boot up properly.

Thus, the wait is over! Your extender resets successfully.

The second tip is to reconfigure your TP Link WiFi extender.

Setup TP Link WiFi Extender

Step 1: Is your extender getting steady power supply? Is your extender plugged into a working wall socket? If you nod in yes, then head over to the next tip.

Step 2: Connect your TP Link device and router using an Ethernet source. Means, use an non-damaged Ethernet cable for the same.

Step 3: Get access to a laptop or desktop.

Step 4: Open a web browser on it and type

Step 5: TP Link extender login page will be displayed. Here, you have to take the help of your extender’s manual. Why? Because over there you will get the default login details of your TP Link device.

Step 6: As soon as you get them, fill them into the required fields, click on Log In, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the TP Link setup process.

There you are! Now, it’s time to make the most out of your TP Link extender. Yes, now you have to update the firmware on your range extender. Trust us! If you performed this process correctly, you will experience a change in the performance of your device. So, scroll down for the third and final tip!

TP Link Extender Firmware Update

Step 1: Open a web browser and enter 192.168. 0.254 in the URL bar. Please do not use an outdated internet browser, otherwise, the IP address will not work.

Step 2: Correct use of the IP address will take you to tplinkrepeater firmware update page.

Step 3: Reaching here, you have to provide your TP Link extender’s model/ serial number.

Step 4: Click on Firmware Update.

That’s it! The firmware update process will start on the same page. Please do not interrupt it! The process will be finished shortly.

To Conclude

So, can we hope that your TP Link extender is now working after firmware update process? Please share your experience with us so that other TP Link extender users can also get help.

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