Hyperlocal: This refers to mothers and marketers

A few days ago I wrote an ad campaign for one of the first online websites to provide local news. I still remember the title:

About 75% of car accidents occur within a few miles of home.

Imagine, 75% do everything. This fact of life is a perfect illustration of the explosive development of hyperlocal mobile technology. If you're new to this idea, here it is: Smartphones can detect where you are, allowing you to find news, deals, and friends - your name - near you.

The number of companies listed here is quite extensive. Once upon a time, it was crazy to invest in Gun-Shy VCs for startups like Outside. in and big fish like FourSquare, CitySquares, Gowalla, and Loopt. MSNBC bought AnyBlock, AOL Patch Media Group, and Going Inc, and the bid for Google Yelp ($ 550 million was not enough) failed to show the willingness to place customer reviews on an already created mobile homepage with the Near Me Now feature.

For mothers who are constantly on the move, hyperlocal delivery retail not only creates a moving goal but also creates new opportunities to reach that goal and motivate purchases. Many companies offer mobile coupons, and crowding and other shopping incentives are good enough to give buyers an out-of-the-box look before purchasing.

However, I wonder how many marketers write about localized coupons and comparison tools like Holy Grail on mobile apps. I'm really thinking about how this technology can make life easier for moms.

Here is my (and hopefully) hyper-local:

- Find out which friends are in which parks for spontaneous sports days

- Name the sidewalk distribution restaurants / dry cleaners/pharmacy that allow you to stay in the car with sleeping (or irritated) children

- Monitor the spread of the virus in your area

- Find a food bank nearby to put extra food after a birthday party, school patella or another event

- Find out where the ice cream truck is on a hot summer day

- Find restaurants that are nutritious, gluten-free, vegetarian, or baby-free.

- Identify (and run) a ski hill with small crane lines so that children can slip more and wait for less

- When unloading an excavator, bed, bicycle, or another large item that your child has grown up on, mark the friendly truck next to you.

- See who's at the dog park and when Fido's favorite girlfriend appears

- Run Amber messages instantly within a specific radius as the day progresses

- Identify safe places after earthquakes or other emergencies

- Meet families with children of the same age while traveling

- Start a fantastic running-style birthday party for adult children who enter specific locations using Foursquare to earn points and earn their next credentials.

- Mom Connect Bloggers to New Readers: Others are in her zip code

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

How do they enable you to reach your target customer or have a positive conversation with them? In what other directions do you expect the cell phone to enter?

Cat Gordon is the Founder and Design Director of Maternal Instinct, a Bay Area agency specializing in mother marketing. Cat writes blogs about trends, myths, best practices and observations in front of a mother-centric organization not only as a mother but also as a mother in marketing.

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