How Silver Is Differentiated in Quality. Know each and everything

Silver is an important part of human life since ages and has been utilised well enough. In fact, silver ornaments are always in a great demand all over the world. There are different types of silver available in the market and it’s necessary to know about some of them before buying any silver goods as it would get you known by the quality and integrity of the products, ornaments or any goods manufactured of Silver.

So, in this article you are going to be known to different types of silver available including their quality!

Before jumping to the different types of silver let us get known to the term quality marks…

“Quality Marks” is referred to the stamps usually found on different types of jewelleries, this is the best way to know about the quality of product or ornament you are buying as these marks are often made mandatory for jewelleries to be owned as the mark that they are legitimate or approved.

Silver is a soft and malleable metal in its pure from so it’s often mixed up with other elements so that the jewelleries are turned out strong and tough enough.

Now here are the top 4 types of silver according to their quality…

  1. Sterling silver

Sterling silver also known as the .925 silver is the most standard type of silver available in the market, also this is the most utilised one too. Sterling silver earrings is mainly 92.5 % of silver and the remaining 7.5 % is mainly copper and sometimes it’s other elements too such as nickel.

The best part about this silver type is that this is hard and can be reformed repeatedly.

The quality marks for this silver are usually .925 and Stg. 

  1. Fine Silver

Fine Silver also known as .999 is the closest type of pure silver usually available in the market. As the name suggests this is 99.9 % of silver and the remaining 0.1 % is other elements.

As this silver is too soft it easily gets scratches and dents so it’s not used for jewellery making purposes.

As of now the quality stamps or marks for this silver are .999 FS or just .999.

  1. Coin Silver 

Coin Silver also known as .900 silver is now rarely found in market as this name refers to the fact that the jewellery is made by melting down the coins which was usually in practice in the old era. So, most of the jewellery pieces found in the market of this kind of silver are antiques.

This type of silver is technically 90 % of silver and 10 % of copper metal.

The jewellery or articles made up of this type of silver available in market have quality marks as .900.

  1. Silver Filled

Silver Filled is a newly introduced type of silver introduced in the market due to the sudden upsurge in the prices of silver element. Silver Filled is usually referred to the type of silver which is 5 to 10 % of sterling silver by weight fused with brass core. 

As this is a new type introduced it’s not standardized yet and also not have a legally approved mark however some manufacturers use 925 SF which can be a mislead.

So here you go by now knowing the different types silver, their quality and their purity or quality marks.

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