Why Should You Always Choose Digital Printing?

Are you interested in taking your printouts to the next level? Digital printing is the most suitable option for you! It offers excellent quality and unique capabilities, making it an essential tool for direct mail marketers. Even though offset lithography is still the more predominant process for high volume commercial printing, digital printing technology still has impressive advantages.

In today's ever-increasing production rate in the marketing & design industries, consumers expect and demand printed material to be accurate and of high quality. Prints need to be produced with a fast turnaround rate with various stock options that can vary at the last minute. Digital printing provides the flexibility, versatility, and cost-effective capacity for business owners and managers to thrive in a whirlwind of print-to-digital demand.

For those looking to print materials to meet deadlines with low costs quickly, digital printing is your go-to solution. Detailed samples can be rapidly rendered to easily preview precisely what your tangible material is going to look like for your end-users or customers. From this point, you can determine necessary changes and quickly make the design adjustments, streamlining the conventionally resource-intensive offset printing process.

High-Quality Printing Versatility

Compared to other printing options, digital printing gives impressive quality and consistency that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with. The colours appear seamlessly on the prints and are entirely void of harsh lines. Even if you are printing your last card, brochure or flyer, its quality will remain the same from start to finish.

You can print an extended range of products with digital printing, costing only a fraction of the traditional methods in time and money. Whether you're printing artwork and photos for interior decor, letterheads and business stationery, or flyers for marketing and advertising—digital printing can ensure your brand material packs the same aesthetic "punch" in the physical format on the screen!

Efficient Printing

Since digital printing requires fewer steps than traditionally, you will receive your final product quicker than you would if you chose any other printing option.

Cost-Effective Short Runs

Unlike offset lithography, digital printing does not require printing plates or long setup times. As a result, you can spend less money finishing a single task. Digital printers are always equipped to handle short-run jobs quickly and efficiently, regardless of black-and-white or colour. Today's business world of marketing, advertising and design is becoming increasingly fast-paced. With deadlines looming and projects accumulating, a digital printing company can effectively take care of many tasks within a short period with less complicated machinery.

With a decreased need to stock storage areas full of stationery, a business can simply print the materials on an as-needed basis. This space-saving shift in technology significantly reduces the operating cost per square foot.

Out of the other traditional methods, digital printing is the most preferable for producing short to medium print runs.

Customization & Variable Data

Digital printing provides a lot of flexibility. It is the most affordable solution for customizing different printouts, whether marketing materials, direct mail pieces, letters, or business cards. With traditional printing methods, making impromptu adjustments and customizations would create a bottleneck in the entire process. However, when digital printing is quick and painless to alter data on targeted marketing material or for a function as simple as adding a QR code to your next event! This versatility makes it easier for businesses to shift tactics and strategies, adjusting all printed marketing materials and stationery.

Environmentally Safe

One of the unforeseen benefits of transitioning into digital printing for most businesses is reduced pollution due to mixing, cleaning, and disposing of toxic inks and detergents. Instead of conventional heat pressing and fusing ink into the paper, digital printing transfers the toner to the paper first, then heat pressing and fusing. This is a safer method that does not involve mixing inks, reducing the potential for spills, messes and accidental disposal of harmful chemicals into the environment.

How Digital Printing Works

Digital printing makes it easy to go from graphic design to tangible stationery or sales collateral. Attention to minute details is more manageable with digital printing, as it aims to replicate the exact composition of the PDF, PSD, TIF or other formats for output. With no pre-press manual labour and complex chemical processes, digital printing is excellent for small-quantity projects that require timely completion.

The Bottom Line

The next time you plan to make a trip to the printing shop, make sure to choose digital printing for the above reasons! At Lamin-8, our team has provided high-quality printing services to business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area for more than ten years. Visit our digital printing website today to order a custom print, or call us at (416) 977-4422.

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Afsara Tasnim is a content writer for BreezeMaxWeb, who helps businesses grow their online presence by creating engaging copy. She enjoys taking photographs of nature and exploring the outdoors during her spare time.

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