The Most Famous Venues for Horse Racing

We have all either been to a horse race or at least heard about the same, thanks to the massive popularity that it enjoys all across town. The sport, which has been around for a long time, has a massive gathering of fans each time there’s a venue that hosts it.

Thanks to that, history has often been created and given us a list of some of the most famous venues where horse racing seems to be in the DNA. So if you wish to learn a thing or two about the same, go ahead and read the following.

  • Ascot

Ascot, located in Greater London, UK, has seen and continues to be the host of famous races such as the Royal Ascot, Clarence House Chase, British Champions Day and more. The venue has developed itself into a sporting phenomenon, one which you will always be thrilled to explore and experience. 

While the world may be busy with virtual racing results and whatnot, it is important that we spare a thought or some of our time to learn about all that has revolved around Ascot. In doing so, you will also understand the history of the sport in general, which is sure to convince some to call you a knowledgeable person.

  • Longchamp

Longchamp takes you back to the Second French Empire because it is a famous venue that was opened in 1857. It has hosted famous races like Prix du Cadran, Grand Prix de Paris and more. Apart from calling it Longchamp, the venue is also known as ParisLongchamp. 

Thanks to its illustrious history and the size of the venue, Longchamp has hosted over half of the Group 1 races in France and has also gone on to showcase legendary races in the history of the sport. So along with Ascot, Longchamp also takes the lead in being a famous venue for horse racing.

  • Churchill Downs 

Located in Kentucky, USA, Churchill Downs is another famous name in the sport of horse racing. The venue, which was opened in 1875, is America’s most famous racecourse and it continues to be on the top. 

Famous races like Clark Handicap, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks and more have been held here and to this day, you will find the venue filled with admirers each time there’s a race about to take place. 

Moreover, Churchill has also hosted nine editions of the Breeders’ Cup which only goes on to show how it is being valued in the world of horse racing.

  • Aintree

Located in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, Aintree is known to be one among the most testing race tracks, famous for both horse and jockey. It always has events lined up and continues to dominate the charts. 

Famous races like Aintree Bowl, Grand National, Liverpool Hurdle and more can be witnessed at this venue and it is also a major honour to do so. The history that surrounds this race track is second to none, which is why it is a perfect addition to this list of classics.

  • Saratoga

Saratoga is another famous race track located in Saratoga County, New York, USA. It was opened in 1863 and Travers Stakes and Whitney Handicap are some of the most famous races that have taken place here. 

It is widely recognised, not only in the USA but also around the world for being one of the oldest sporting venues. It has history, culture and races that people wish to see again and again. 

From top racehorses to jockeys, everyone has had a taste of these grounds and they continue to thrive under the same.

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