Quick and Easy Morning Skincare Routine To Follow


If you've ever thought of starting a skincare routine you know how difficult it is to keep up. There are multiple steps that need to be applied in a particular order and more often than not we skip the whole ordeal when we are running late. That is why a quick and simple morning routine is the perfect way to go.

With Sensoo Skincare products, all you need is a skincare routine and you are good to go.

Super Easy Skincare Routine To Follow

This skincare routine will focus on the necessities to keep your skin looking fresh all day.

Step 1 Cleanser

The first thing you will want to focus on is washing your face. In order to do that you need a good cleanser. There are different types of cleansers available in the market that caters to all skin types. If you have dry skin you may want to go for a moisturizing cream cleanser and or an oil-based cleanser to keep your skin hydrated. On the other hand, if you have more acne-prone or oily skin you may prefer gentler foam or whipped cleanser to start off your routine.

Step 2 Treatments

Most people are already pressed for time when they are getting ready in the morning, so they usually don't have time to do multiple toners or antioxidants. However, it is good to incorporate at least one treatment or serum that works for your skin concern. A vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum can be amazing to brighten up the skin and make it appear plumper.

Step 3 Moisturizer

No matter what anyone says. Moisturizer is the key to a smooth application of makeup. Moisturizer needs to be applied whether it's summer or winter and even oily skin types need hydration in their skin. Most web stores have a wide selection of water-based and cream-based moisturizers that can be used in summer and winter respectively so your skin is soft and smooth without feeling greasy.

Step 4 Sunscreen 

Although it is the last step, it is definitely the most important. Sunscreen is the most essential part of any skincare routine as it protects you not only from aging, sun damage, and wrinkles but also prevents you from getting skin cancer. You want to make sure that you cover your entire face and neck as well as any exposed body part and don't forget to reapply after every 2 hours. Most brands or distributors offers different types of sunscreen formulas including water-based sun cream, lotion, and even powder for touch-ups during the day.

Overall, you don't need an elaborate skincare routine every day to make your skin flawless and healthy. This simple and easy skincare routine takes no more than 10 min a day and encompasses all the necessary steps needed to prevent aging and keep your skin glowing.


If you think that skincare products are vital, then you also need to keep into account that following a healthy skincare routine is also important. Visit Sensoo if you want to buy beauty and skincare products at market competitive rates. 

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