Features that Influence the Cost of Developing a Video Game

Mobile video games are lucrative, fun, and can be a success for individuals and businesses. When creating a mobile game app, you should consider several factors to ensure you have what it takes to build a successful video game. One significant feature to consider is the cost of developing the game for online slots and more. If you already have the game concept in place, you should approximate how much it will cost to bring this concept into reality. Different factors affect the cost of mobile game development. The following are factors that influence the cost of your game development.

Pre-development Costs

Game development involves a pre-development process where game developers create a document (GDD) containing all the game details. This tactic helps build a great game. It is a vital step in the game development process. It needs effort and time, which contributes to the pre-development costs. The cost depends on how long you have worked on the plan and how much effort you have used.

Game Complexity

The type of game will determine the functionalities you pick and the size. This will impact the cost of developing the video game. There are three types of video games, based and their complexity. For instance, small games have simple options. Mostly, they use 2D graphics and can complete in days or a few weeks. This type has a few simple levels. For medium games, several playing levels get hard as you go up. This game has features like a complex storyline, UI, sounds, and other features. Lastly, big games feature engaging storylines and content. These types of games cost different amounts to develop.


The platform you pick for your game influences the cost of its development, how it reaches the audience, and its general revenue. It would be a good idea to choose an Android or iOS platform. You may also choose both for your game. However, you should know the cost of each, how popular the platform is, and the payment systems. The best idea is to choose multiple platforms to enjoy the perks of developing a video game. If you select only one base, you will not earn money from others. Therefore, like more than one platform.


Your game design also affects the cost of development. Some design features influencing the price are game levels, environment, gameplay, and the target audience. It is crucial to develop an excellent plan to avoid glitch and bug problems.


Just like the development stage, the testing stage is also vital. You want to make sure the game is complete and will give the users a smooth gaming experience. After all, your game will not sell if it has glitches or bugs. You need to set a budget for testing to ensure the game is seamless.


These are five factors that impact the game development cost. Before you begin working on your game, know how much you need to make the process successful. Set aside enough money to cover your project from pre-development to marketing.

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