Best Games For Toddlers

At what age can you start playing a board game? I reassure you immediately, the specialists are very divided on the question. Some will argue that a child should under no circumstances approach a game box before the age of four, and others that they can play there without restraint from the age of two...

Our opinion is that board games like afk arena tier list 2022  can be introduced quite early in a child's life... provided we agree to let them do what they want with them! There are indeed more and more games playable "from two years old", with hardware specifically adapted to the youngest age, but that does not mean that you will play the game as soon as you open the box. At two years old, the child first discovers the pawns and the world of the game, gradually appropriates them, and can begin to play with adults over the months.

Let me play how I want, dad!

This is an important point, which is recalled in most of the rules of games intended for two-year-old brats: it is essential to let the child discover the world of the game at his own pace. Let him play with the equipment as he would play with toys. Haba takes great care, for example, to slip into some of its "small" games pieces that have no use for board games strictly speaking, but which are ideal for free play.

Let the child discover the game without the slightest constraint of rules, and tell him stories that use the material . Little by little you can begin to roll the dice and observe the effects. What is the color of this face? What is it for in the game? How are the pawns moved? Each child develops a learning rhythm of their own, and trying to force it (or slow it down) will always be counterproductive.

Furthermore, the age displayed on game boxes is always, always, always given as an indication. In other words: your child is not “stupid” because he does not understand a rule “of his age”, any more than he is a genius if he plays games dedicated to older children. And remember this last sentence, it will be useful to you for many years.

Here's our pick of the best "First Games"...

If your child is not yet three years old, you really need to make sure that the game has the mention “from two years old”. This means there are no small parts in the box that could be ingested. Each child is obviously different, but it is legally established that at the latest, brats stop swallowing everything and anything from 36 months. I know, it only concerns other people's children and not yours, but when in doubt, better be careful.

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