Anker Soundcore's Liberty 2 Pro Review

Anker Soundcore's Liberty 2 Pro true wireless.earbuds deliver incredible sound, personalized to your hearing profile. The wide and detailed coverage of the soundstage and huge dynamic range is a real boon for a pair of budget buds like this.

The design could certainly be improved, the body is rather bulky, protruding from your ears, and can get heavy and uncomfortable around the edges with prolonged use. However, Anker offers a range of ear tips (seven sizes) and ear tips (three sizes) to help the Liberty 2 Pro better fit your ear canal and stick them in place - just enough so you can stick them for workouts, with IPX4-certified for water and sweat resistance.

Note that they are not ugly. Made from matte black plastic with a gunmetal grey top, the shiny Soundcore logo gleams only where it catches the light. Visible under this grey shield, when you slide the buds into the charging case, the LEDs glow brightly and magnetically snap into place.

Big Battery

It's an equally bulky but well-designed wireless charging case that runs on Qi but also has a USB-C fast-charging port for wired connections, providing up to 2 hours of playtime on a 10-minute charge. You'll have it fully charged in an hour and a half.

For a few reasons, the USB-C port is hidden at the back of an elaborate rubber flap, however, we choose a sliding cowl that suits snugly. A completely charged Liberty 2 Pro can run up to eight hours, and the charging case provides three complete expenses for a complete listening time of 32 hours. The relaxation of the strength is shown through the 3 LEDs at the side, however, at this rate, you do not ought to fear approximately running out of strength.



There's a customizable button on each wireless earbud for easy access when they're inserted into your ear. Click to play or pause a track or answer and end calls, double-tap to skip forward or backward, and hold the button to activate the voice assistant on your phone or reject incoming calls. On the downside, the buds don't automatically pause when you pull them out of your ears, and you'll find that you can't have a conversation without doing so.

Anker's Liberty 2 Pro doesn't have Google Assistant built-in, but it still interacted flawlessly with the voice assistant in our tests. Four microphones with uplink noise-cancellation are available for chatting or making calls with Google or Siri, but they aren't the best quality, with a slightly muffled sound.

If you need to control the volume from the buds themselves, you will want to sacrifice one of the above features, or you may command Google Assistant or Siri to modify the media extent. This customization is viable in the companion Soundcore app, which additionally gives a wealth of preset EQ alternatives and access to HearID.


Are earbuds worth buying?

Yes, they may be well worth it, specifically if you want to work out or travel. The rate of Wireless earbuds has come down plenty in current years. The absence of wires gives a higher variety of motion, and connectivity to a huge kind of devices, and the cutting-edge Wireless earbuds have super variety, memory, and battery lifestyles.

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