6 Rug Patterns You Must Consider for Decorating a Home

There are several different patterned rugs. You must also consider factors like color and motifs when choosing a rug to decorate your home. 

In this article, we'll explore the six most popular types of rug patterns and their uses. You can also learn about using patterns in unconventional ways like patterns on traditional area rugs and vintage styles. And, of course, we'll explore the importance of color in rugs.

Getting a good patterned rug may come with the benefit of a well thought already decided color scheme. However, mix-match the color of your rug with ascents and decorative in your room to create harmony.  

The six incredible patterned rugs

Patterned rugs are to an extent an inventive decorative choice for a home, lending a soothing experience underfoot. The patterned rugs on matthebasics.com are among their top-selling pieces. They are mostly wool-made, looks great in any room and can withstand high traffic. 

Choosing the right rug for your room is crucial for the look and comfort of the space. The rugs on matthebasics.com can be a great way to change the room's entire look. The six distinct rug patterns that follow would likely make your wishlist and keep you on the edge to find more about them until you have purchased one. 

  1. Stripe pattern rugs

If your home already has patterned furniture, the best option for a rug is a coordinating one. The brown traditional area rugs goes well with brown leather furniture. Matching rugs make a room look more coordinated and well-planned, which guests will appreciate. You can also add a rug to a bedroom, living room, or office to make it cozier.

  1. Chevron pattern rugs

Attractive chevron pattern rugs are timeless décor entities. In the modern décor world, the chevron pattern continues to push creative viewpoints besides being synonymous with practical aspects. The Gamma Grey chevron pattern leather rug would be the recommended rug to adorn an elegant interior. If leather is not something you would prefer, you may choose to buy the traditional area rug, Portland Brown on matthebasics.com which is woolly and the best in characteristics.

  1. Border rugs

Border patterns may be perceived as the subset of geometric pattern rugs. Also, they are perfect vintage area rugs. Border rugs are generally traditional frame rugs that depict old days and vintage retro vibes. However, you will find numerous modern designs with exceptional weaving and complimented features that may outcast traditional area rugs or a vintage counterpart.

  1. Geometric pattern rugs

Geometric patterns embedded in rug making are a great way to add variation yet give a sophisticated look to a room. The elements that make geometric patterns are the permutation of shapes, lines, and curves that otherwise would depict mathematics. The Big Box Grey rug is a loved geometric rug with box patterns which makes it a versatile room décor entity.

  1. Floral/Botanical pattern rugs

Adding a layer of botanical or a floral pattern on a hard floor will be a splash of captivating visual interest. Things that make patterns to be put into the botanical category are the plant motifs, displaying roots, leaves, barks, and flowers among other aspects relating to a botanical garden. The Bloom Gold floral/botanical pattern rug on matthebasics.com resembles motifs in a botanical garden that will bring soothing outdoor vibes to the room it occupies.

  1. Patchwork rugs

Patches of beautifully designed and weaved traditional area rugs in sample sizes are sewed to innovate and bring to the table a schematic pattern, unique in every essence. The Renaissance Green vintage area rug on matthebasics.com is uniquely assembled and stitched for a fascinating pattern aided by hues of charming green color. 


Color Scheme

Color schemes should be considered when choosing a rug. Colors should complement one another and not clash with the paint color. If you're not sure about the color's suitability for your room, choose a rug that has a cool color scheme, and it will create a calming effect in your space. Bright colors can overwhelm you, so a rug with cool tones will help you relax.

Light-colored rugs Vs Dark-colored rugs

Dark-colored rooms should not use warm-colored rugs. Rooms with light flooring and furniture are better suited for light-colored rugs. If you are unsure of what color scheme your home needs, you can use a light-colored rug to give the room a fresh feel.

For a small room, the best choice is a rug with light colors. It will make the living space look larger and will pop against dark walls. It is also a good idea to choose a rug with a pattern in a lighter color. An orange-colored area rug is a great choice for a smaller space and will not overpower the dark-colored paint.

If you'd like a striking patterned rug in your bedroom, you have a few different options. The patterned rugs are great for accentuating the lines of a room and complementing the hues of the furniture. However, if you don't want to spend too much money, you can opt for a plain one. Floral-designed rugs look great in any room, and they are often more affordable than a traditional rug.

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