White Sapphire Engagement Rings: What You Need To Know

In recent times, White Sapphire rings have sprung up as a popular choice in the engagement ring market. Couples are increasingly becoming interested in White Sapphire engagement rings compared to other gemstones and even diamonds!

A stone-competing diamond is truly big news. But before we jump to any conclusions or you make a hasty decision, let us first acquaint ourselves with White Sapphire.

What is White Sapphire?

On the outside, White Sapphire is very much similar to diamond. Usually, a sapphire appears blue or lighter shades of blue. However, white sapphire is completely colorless or transparent. Chemically, it is clean, without any elements influencing its color.

In terms of nature, it’s durable but delicate-looking. It may be a bit more expensive than ordinary sapphires. But it’s less expensive than a diamond. It happens to have a bit higher price than the rest because it’s rare.

Are White Sapphires Natural?

Yes. White sapphires exist and occur naturally. Most of these are acquired via mining. However, as mentioned earlier, white sapphires are also unique and rarely occurring gemstones. On the other end, they are becoming increasingly popular. Hence, these days white sapphires are also being artificially prepared in laboratories.

White Sapphire Symbolism

Each gemstone has a meaning of its own. Some people tend to believe in it, while some don’t. While it is not a concern of this post to figure whether one should believe it or not, allow us to introduce its symbolism.

Generally, White Sapphire is associated with the planet of Venus. Thus, it represents love, partnership, and beauty. It also represents strength and longevity. For that very reason, this particular stone is an excellent pick for wedding and engagement rings. It associates with the new forming relation quite very well.

Stone experts claim that it can help create a perfect balance within you, and of course, your relationship. It has a few healing properties as well. Stone experts claim that it also helps females with fertility. Plus, it also improvises the blood circulation system for both males and females.

White Sapphire VS Diamonds

With that said, now the question arises: why would you spend your money on White Sapphires instead of diamonds? What’s so special about them except for their relationship for symbolism?

Well, to speak truthfully, it’s just the price. White sapphires bring you more economical saves as compared to diamonds.

In terms of beauty, no stone can beat a diamond's clarity and beauty. White sapphires resemble the actual diamond but cannot compete. Similarly, in terms of hardness and durability, white sapphires rank nine on Mohs scale, while diamonds scored 10. Remember, a diamond wouldn’t develop a scratch as easily as another gemstone. But simultaneously, you won’t get a diamond as big as a White Sapphire in your respective budget. Along the same lines, white sapphires can offer more design variations as compared to diamonds.

How to Choose the Best White Sapphire Engagement Ring?


White sapphires are a reasonable option for engagement rings, that’s quite clear by now. So, if you choose to go with this stone for your engagement ring, then here are a few aspects that you ought to look into:

  • Cloudiness

  • Clarity

  • Cut, Shape, and Size

Look for a white sapphire that does not have cloudiness. And the same applies to clarity. Opt for visually clearer options. In terms of shape, we recommend options closer to a round-shaped diamond. Also, check out the brand’s reputation and assess if they’re reliable.

Some Popular Models

Let's now consider a few popular designs for the white sapphires engagement rings.

  • Central Oval-White Design

  • Radiant Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

  • Cushion-Cut Round Three Stone Ring

  • Pear-Cut Central White Sapphire Ring

Of course, like all other stones and rings, White Sapphires have plentiful options to out these. You can experiment and have your jeweler craft you a masterpiece accordingly.

Final Words

All in all, white sapphires are an intelligent pick for engagement rings. They fetch you the fancy, premium, and classy looks at a much more reasonable price.

But whenever shopping, be vigilant of your choices. Assess the white Sapphire as per the aspects mentioned above.

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