What products do hair system beginners require?


If you’re just starting out with a non surgical hair replacement and have placed an order, you’ve taken the first step to regaining a full head of hair. However, even if you’ve gotten your hair system attached at a salon, you still need some basic hairpiece supplies and products.

This blog will look at some of the main hair system products and supplies you will need. Note: These are only the absolute necessities — you can certainly get more products depending on your requirements.


Even if you always plan on getting your men’s toupee installed or reattached at a salon, it helps to have some adhesives at home. Whether it’s glue or tape, you’ll never know when you will need to reattach your hair system or make some adjustments if it is lifting off a bit. Not to mention, what if your salon is all booked up and you desperately need to attach your system?

That is why it’s always important to have some at home. As for our recommendations?

For daily wear with wig tape, we recommend the Red Liner Tape which has a hold of 2-4 days. It comes in many sizes and is also hypoallergenic which means it is highly unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.

For extended wear with tape, we recommend the Pro-Flex II tape by Walker. Also a hypoallergenic tape, this product has a hold of 2-4 weeks and also leaves minimal residue when removing it.

Which Tape Is Suitable For Your Hair System?

When it comes to liquid adhesives, we recommend anything from Ghost Bond glue, NOTAPE bonding adhesives, Ultra Hold glue or Mity Tite glue.


While adhesives keep your hair replacement system on your scalp, you also need to remove it. The good thing is you won’t be able to remove a strong bond with just your hands. You will need an adhesive solvent to loosen up the bonds and eventually get your toupee off.

Today, there are a number of solvents to choose from, some of which are versatile and serve multiple purposes from removing glue or tape to even cleaning the base. We recommend the C-22 solvent, GhostBuster Bond Remover, Topsoil Adhesive Solvent and the KP Pro Solvent to name a few.

Positioning Sprays

Although this is not really a necessity, positioning sprays can be priceless for beginners. You basically spray it on your scalp before attaching the base. This prevents immediate adhesion which allows you to make adjustments in case your hair system is not straight or in the right position.

Alternatively, you can spray it after attachment as well to make adjustments. However, you will have limited time, so make the most of it or else you will need to apply more. We recommend using Just Rite Positioning Spray.


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