Top 5 Best Reasons to Get Your Electric Hunting Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes are taking the hunting fraternity by storm. Their compact size, maneuverability, and ability to access remote places make them the perfect mode of transport for a hunting expedition. 

Best electric hunting bikes are ideal for enjoying a myriad of outdoor experiences like riding across the beach, going on a fishing trip, or exploring your favorite national park. However, when it comes to hunting, they are particularly appealing compared with ATVs or side-by-sides. Read to find out what the top 5 reasons are to get your electric hunting bikes.

Electric Bikes Make Navigation Easier

Navigation is a breeze with an electric bike. The pedal assist and throttle functionality make it easier than ever to navigate across all terrain. 

For hunters this means the days of spending hours walking round the hunting area are gone. Hunters can save time with an e-bike and scout the area quickly, so they have more time on the hunt. 

The pedal assist technology enables you to boost your manual pedal power when you hit difficult terrain and the throttle keeps you moving without pedaling which is really handy when you need a break but want to carry on moving. 

With pedal assist you can reach up to 28 miles an hour on a 750-watt electric bike, and up to 20 miles per hour with the throttle. 1000-watt e-bikes pedal assist can reach 35 miles per hour and 30 miles an hour with the throttle. These speeds will obviously be dependent on the amount of gear you’re carrying or if you’re transporting your bounty back to camp on a trailer. Speaking of which, e-bikes are worth their weight in gold when they get you back to base ahead of a terrible storm!

Electric Bikes Are Quiet

E-bikes are perfect for outdoor adventures because they’re quiet and kind to the environment. Noise levels are obviously very important to a hunter which makes this the ideal vehicle for hunting. 

Unlike ATVs, cars, or motorcycles, electric bikes are quiet and stealthy. They’re also more environmentally friendly because they only emit 22 grams of carbon dioxide per mile. They don’t leave the same tracks or stir up the same amount of dust as other vehicles. 

Electric hunting bikes are lightweight and, in fact, their impact on the ground is almost completely undetectable. In addition to being a quiet ride, the vibrations they give off are minimal so they won’t alert wildlife to the fact that you’re there. These features make an e-bike particularly useful for scouting because they give you stealthy access to the hunting ground.

It’s Easier to Transport Your Gear and Your Game

Pairing your electric bike with a trailer or sturdy rack will make your hunting expedition far more enjoyable. It can be cumbersome to carry your hunting gear and the extra weight puts strain on your body, especially if you’re in a very hilly or rough terrain. 

Towing a trailer behind an e-bike is really easy with the assistance of the pedal assist and throttle technology. If you’re camping and need to bring tents, food, and other camping equipment in addition to your hunting gear a trailer pretty much becomes a necessity.

You can even get high-capacity cargo trailers for electric bikes which are very useful for carrying all your hunting and camping gear as well as any game you’ve caught. Yes, the days of carrying your game through the thick of the woods back to your vehicle are gone. With an e-bike and a trailer it’s much easier to transport your gear and your game which makes your hunting trip far more enjoyable.

Electric Bikes Handle Any Terrain

An electric hunting bike with fat tires delivers a smooth ride across any terrain. Whether you need to travel across sand, up and down hills, or along rocky terrain, an e-bike can handle it. Snow, ice, surface water, mud, you name it… your electric bike will get you through it. 

The fat tires provide excellent balance and enable you to reach places you wouldn’t be able to get to on foot. They help you cover more ground because of their versatility, not just their speed. The battery power of electric bikes ranges from 13-amps, which will get the bike to get at least 45 miles on standard terrain, to 19.2-amps which will enable you to reach about 70 miles an hour in the same conditions.

Some of the newer models of electric hunting bikes have a dual-battery option which is ideal for all-day riding giving you at least 100 miles on one charge. This is about the same mileage as you’ll get from a full tank of gas on an ATV. The beauty of the electric bike is that you can carry a charged backup battery which is easier and safer than lugging spare fuel along with you. 

Electric Bikes Don’t Leave a Scent Trail

Human beings have 5 million smell receptors in their noses. Animals have hundreds of millions! They will pick up the scent of cars, ATVs, side-by-sides, and any other vehicle that emits a lot of fumes, before you even know they are there. This can send them running away from your trail. E-bikes, because they are battery powered, have no fumes and leave no scent. This is also the reason they are so environmentally friendly. 

The carbon footprint left by electric hunting bikes is miniscule. For this reason, many environmental organizations, like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), promote the use of e-bikes as an alternative to fuel powered outdoor vehicles. The BLM actively creates new trails in many of the sites they manage and, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, there are over 60,000 miles of trails and roads accessible to electric bike riders in national forests across the USA.

It is always best to consult with public land managers and private landowners where you plan on hunting to check if there are any registration requirements, electric bike laws, or hunting restrictions. 

There are the top 5 reasons for you to get your electric hunting bike but believe me, there are a lot more. One of the most appealing things about an electric hunting bike is that they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. This means you’ll have more to spend on better hunting gear, more ammo, or that trailer we spoke about earlier. Happy hunting!

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