Take your eCommerce Business Global with Sitecore OrderCloud

Conducting business is an ever-growing, continuous process. You can choose to expand your offerings and product catalog, you can increase your brand’s presence on the web, or you can go global.

When it comes to going across borders and taking your eCommerce business international, your technology needs to be able to uphold its duties – including flexibility according to the legal regimes, and extensions to other currencies.

One of the two major points to be kept in mind when seeking an eCommerce platform is flexibility and scalability. OrderCloud Sitecore is one of those many platforms that will be most ideal for your eCommerce business.

How can Sitecore OrderCloud make globalization easy for you?

Sitecore OrderCloud is perfect for delivering exceptional customer experiences for your B2X marketplace business. You can grow your operations and take your business on the global stage through the power of API-first, headless integrations.

It comes with features such as:

  • Complete Customization
  • Increased Scalability
  • Integration & Extensibility
  • Flexibility for the Future
  • Better Order Management
  • Developer Friendly
  • Cloud-native Infrastructure

Apart from these, there are some enhanced features that Sitecore OrderCloud has released for supporting your business in scaling your eCommerce operations across borders and boundaries.

Globally Available Data Centers

Strict data sovereignty laws exist in different parts of the world. This would mean that you are required to store data in the same region where your business is situated. This is why Order Cloud has many data centers available in regions such as US West, US East, Europe, Australia, and Japan, thus giving you the option of choosing where you data resides.

Also, all of these regions align with the other products within the Sitecore Portfolio so you can also rely on consistent data sovereignty for all your solutions.

Multi-currency Support through Locales

When you are selling in multiple currencies, you also have to make sure the customers can avail themselves of the product in their preferred currency. It also means you have to make sure that the transactions are in the currency that your business operates in. 

Here is how Locales simplify this process:

Multiple prices for a single product in different currencies

You cannot always rely on auto-conversion of prices. The exchange rates are extremely fluid and prices change often because of the fluctuations. This can create a problem for the buyers when they add products to the cart, come back days later and find different prices. One more reason that auto-conversion should be rejected is because prices are not very user-friendly such as $ 5.87 instead of a round $5.99 or $6. Customers prefer the exact currency price.

Allowing your buyers to select their preference for currency when seeing the prices

Let your customers choose the currency. Whatever currency they are familiar with, they get to see the prices in that. For example, if a USA citizen is on a European website, they can still choose to see product prices in US Dollars if you enable this option. Also, you can make default the local currency of your buyers if you know where they are surfing from.

Conduct transactions in the currency that makes sense for your business

As in the above given example, a US user can see prices in US Dollars and place their orders in the same while your business operates in Euros. This way the customer benefits from shopping in their preferred currency while your business still conducts operations in your pre-defined currency. Hence, your business benefits neither by disclosing nor bothering the customers.

Maintain the currency of your buyers throughout

Make sure that it is not just the product prices but the entire order process that is seen in their selected currency. The checkout, the order confirmation, the post purchase details and the entire order history should always be in their selected currency for the customers.

Send out country specific promotions

Whatever promotions you are planning for your sales and marketing, make it specific to the region. Based on the currency of the order, you can offer different personalized offers to your infinite buyer types.

Apart from the existing features and the enhanced features for globalization of your business, Sitecore OrderCloud your business in many other ways.

You get product, order and vendor management options. You can reduce the cost of ownership, which is in turn helpful for businesses that are expanding across countries.

When it comes to expanding business, there is also a concern of safety and data security. E-commerce businesses deal with a lot of sensitive customer data. Data security is of utmost importance in this. Sitecore OrderCloud is audited annually for SOC Type 2 with HIPAA controls and is also compliant with GDPR and CGPA. It also facilitates PCI compliance for all of the platforms and solutions in its offerings.

Managing an international business is a difficult task. Sitecore OrderCloud helps in simplifying the process cross-borders.

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