Showreel Video Production Services in the UK: How Much is it?

A graphic design agency can be of great benefit to businesses. High quality, well-crafted showreel video demonstrate professionalism and can enhance your image. Fortunately, there are some of the best video production companies in the UK. However, these companies cost you differently.

Showreel Production Services in the UK

Showreel video production services of all sizes and budgets are available across the country. The UK is the hub of award-winning video production companies. Working with these companies ensures that your showreel video is high-quality, engaging, and communicates your message to your employer very well.

What should an ideal showreel budget cover

With the proper budget for producing videos, you'll have a complete, experienced team: producers, directors, videographers, assistants, sound engineers and editors. In other words, a high quality, well-lubricated laminate machine.

Different levels of video production costs

We understand this - if you look at the cost of producing a showreel for a creative agency, you need numbers. So, we split different cost levels for showreel videos lasting about 30-60 seconds.

If you need a

  • For the 3-minute video, you should expect to pay about $ 5,000 or $ 3,000 per minute.
  • a High-end 3-minute video can cost up to $ 50,000
  • Small budget companies can find video producers paying less than $ 1,000 a minute.

Cheap Graphic Design Agency in the UK

You will not find quality and reliable video graphics solutions at a low price. Cheap video production companies may not provide you with your required quality showreels. If you do not have access to a quality graphic design agency, we recommend finding a good freelancer. It takes longer and carries more risk - especially if you have no experience making high-quality showreel videos yourself.

Want to get the perfect showreel video without breaking the bank? Zelios Agency will help you have one. Our competitive video production costs help you save more and get the best quality videos you dream of.

Contact us to get the best value for your money!

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