Learn to be funny – Jokes that open the presentation

Quickly making your presentation more humorous is by incorporating it into your opening. This way, you could be able to make your audience laugh before you get on stage. This is not an issue. If I tell you that you can make jokes to start your presentation, you don't necessarily have to choose an urban joke.

If you're unclear what a street joke is, a street joke is told by your friend or colleague in a social setting. Like the "man goes into a bar" ..." kind of jokes. Most of the time, the jokes do not bear any authorship.

However, you don't have to make use of them. You can come up with your introduction jokes, but use your sense of humour or you can try deez nuts joke, funny jokes, or any jokes for that. Are you able to think of something funny and relevant to the talk that the person who introduces you could read? One tip: If you decide to do this, ensure that you can adapt it to the setting you're talking in.

Do you know how to locate a funny quote or an inside joke that is well-connected to your presentation and the audience?

You can use street jokes. However, I'd like to give two warnings if you choose to do this. If you use street humour, I will alter the joke to ensure it's in my own words and personalize it. Also, be cautious if you stumble upon an online joke or in the book. There's a high likelihood that somebody else could use the same joke, and if they're at the same event as you, it could be risky.

 If you're the sole speaker, someone could come at you afterwards and say they've previously heard of the joke.

Many presenters are also wasting time with their audience with introductions packed with biographical details. The kind that says, "our next speaker as an MBA, BBC and NBC ..." and BBC, but who is interested?

Keep in mind that people are constantly asking: "What is in it for me?" Why not let them know from the beginning? Tell your audience exactly what they can expect out of your presentation. What are they going to take away? Do they need to master a particular tool? Can you give them an outline of the actions?

In telling them what they will receive from your presentation before you start, you'll be able to draw their attention before you ever step foot before them. This means that you are not only communicating with your audience via humour and using jokes to begin the presentation, but you're communicating the benefits they'll reap.

Another step is to utilize jokes to begin a presentation after you have stepped onto the platform for speaking. We want to keep it pertinent to your presentation. There is also an approach to make it more relevant to something that is immediately apparent such as the background. Be aware of this, but mocking the backdrop or anything else you have in common with the platform could appear like you're biting off at the hands that nourish you.

It is also possible to open and instantly engage with your audience by talking about something that earned laughter from an earlier speaker. Find a way to modify the person's remarks slightly. Your audience will appreciate you because it shows that you're at the moment focused on your message and that it is fresh and alive just for them.

Do not spend too much time being amusing in your opening; however, remember that you must continue and communicate your overall message. If your entire speech isn't funny, that's another game, as you'll want to keep being funny.

If you state that you'll provide them with specific takeaways, make sure they have these takeaways. Don't fail to keep your word and never fail to meet your promises.

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