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You can make your wedding day memorable by creating a fantastic marijuana cake. Imagine combining the love occasion with the favorite strain of marijuana in your cake. Bakers are progressively improving their baking skills, developing new designs, flavors, and styles of cakes to meet your preferences and suit any occasion. If you are a lover of marijuana, you can have a marijuana-baked cake. There are hundreds of marijuana strains that you can use to bake your wedding cake, depending on your preference and needs. 

The choice you make for the strain to incorporate in your wedding cake should be personal, depending on the experience your desire to have. Different marijuana strains will give various feelings and experiences such as relief, refreshing, and excitement. During your wedding, you may want to excite your friends who attend your wedding and make your wedding day memorable. Therefore, consider adding some strains of marijuana to your wedding cake. The following article will explore how you can make marijuana cake for your wedding.

Ingredients and equipment for making a marijuana wedding cake

As much as you can get wedding cake strain in Canada, you can also bake one yourself. To make a marijuana cake, you need some specific ingredients. These ingredients include; ground marijuana or cannabis bud, flour, unsalted butter, milk, eggs, baking powder, and salt. You can always have other elements that will help improve your wedding cake's taste, flavor, and condition. Depending on your choice, you can have vanilla, dried fruits, buttercream, and cocoa powder. 

Your creativity and imagination should not be limited. Therefore you can always include other ingredients in your cake limitless to be unique. To make your cake, you need equipment such as a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, an oven, cake oven tin, microwave, skewer, grinder, and lining paper. You may need a wire rack and a small bowl, though not necessary. You should ensure that all types of equipment are in the proper condition and functioning correctly.

Instruction to make a marijuana wedding cake

To make your wedding cake fused with marijuana, you can use the following important instructions.

Heating the marijuana strain. In the first step, you should heat your ground marijuana strain in an oven. The temperature should at least be between 104 and 113 degrees Celsius. The marijuana should be heated for about 40 minutes to allow decarboxylate of the weed to deactivate or make the cannabinoids bioavailable. Increase the temperature of the heat to 190 degrees Celsius.

Mixing cannabis with batter. To mix your butter with cannabis, you should melt it first in a microwave to have a gloopy paste. Then mix it with the fresh cannabis you have just heated.

Adding other ingredients. Once you're done mixing cannabis with batter, you can now mix it with other ingredients such as sugar, flour, milk, eggs, and other elements of your choice. Be careful when mixing, and you should efficiently mix to get an even consistency batter. Take your time to ensure that your cannabis strain is spread evenly in your cake mixture. If your dough is a bit dry after mixing, you can use some milk, and if it is too wet, you can use some flour.

Prepare your cake tin by spraying it with nonstick cooking spray or lining it with nonstick baking parchment. Carefully pour your cake mixture into the baking pan, spreading it around to ensure that the batter is equally distributed throughout. Once your batter is well spread in the oven tin, you can place it in an oven under a regulated temperature for about 25 minutes. You can stab the cake at the center to check its condition using a skewer. If your cake is clean, then it means it's ready. However, if the cake sticks, you should leave it for about five minutes in an oven.

Once your cake is ready, you should allow it to cool before you decorate. You can decorate your cake according to how you want it to look.

Best marijuana strains for your wedding cake

Lemon shining silver haze  

When smoked, this potent strain emits a pleasant lemon smell, which improves the flavor of any delicacy with a citrus tinge. This Sativa strain sends your mind into overdrive, allowing you to develop new ideas and improve your mood and focus. Eating a Lemon Haze cake before a long day of fun and inspiration is a terrific idea. THC levels in this strain range from 15–20%, with highs ranging from mild to intense. 

Within the first hour of consuming a slice of Lemon Haze cake, the user will begin to feel the strain's euphoric, uplifting, joyful, and energetic effects. Having this strain on your birthday cake can help change your friends' moods who attended your wedding.

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Purple queen strain

Using purple queen strain to make your wedding cake, you will enjoy exceptional tastes and aromas which are fruity and zesty-like. Purple queen strains come with a THC composition of 22%, making them suitable for consumption in any form. If you want to have a euphoric and relaxing mood at your wedding together with your friends, the purple queen strain will be the best option for you.

Royal cookies strain

If you want a stoning high, a relaxing and euphoric feeling that lasts for hours, then you can consider having your cake baked with royal cookie strains. The THC level in the royal cookies strain is at 23%, which satisfies any cannabis user. The royal cookie strain has scents from the sweet nectar, which will add a sugary taste once used to bake your wedding cake.

Solomatic CBD

Most marijuana users will want a therapeutic effect rather than just getting hard. Using Solomatic CBD strain to bake your wedding cake can be an incredible way to satisfy your friends. This strain has very low THC, which makes them the best strain to give you a therapeutic feeling or experience the effects of CBD without getting high. Baking your wedding cake with Solomatic CBD will provide you with sensational relaxation. The components of Solomatic CBD will add flavor and taste to your cake.  

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Final thoughts

You can always make your wedding unique and exciting by having a special cake for your friends. Bake a cake that will change the moods of all the attendees and give them euphoric and relieving feelings. A wedding day should be fun and should give you an incredible feeling. However, before making a marijuana wedding cake, you should consider if marijuana is legal in your state. Some states prohibit the consumption of marijuana, and therefore you should not risk your fun day by going against the law.

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