Cockroach Prevention Guide: Keeping The Pests Out Of Your Apartment In Thailand

Owning an apartment in Thailand can be a dream come true, but getting cockroaches in that apartment is decidedly not. These ugly and irritating pests can be a real issue for many people, off-putting, unwanted, and tough to stop. Here we will look at some of the best ways to keep them out of your apartment, out of sight, and out of mind.

Safeguard their common entry points

This really is the simplest and best way to stop cockroaches from coming in and staying. You may have specific entry points in your apartment that you will need to sort out, such as a balcony door or other doors and windows that have a gap or space that cockroaches can get in. These creatures love gaps and will use whatever they can find to get in and move around inside your apartment. Reducing the clutter on your floors and surfaces and moving your furniture so there is more space will also help you to see and stop them.

Once you have cockroaches in your building, it can be really tough to get rid of them again. They find ways to access different rooms, especially in a shared block where they can pass from one apartment to another in the walls. Covering over your sockets is a great way to cut off some of this access and leave them to find another way out that doesn’t involve your home.

Similarly, blocking your drains, putting the plug back in the sink, and taping over the overflow hole are all excellent ways to prevent cockroaches from getting into your apartment. In Thailand, they often live in drains and pipes, using them to get around and between different places. By cutting off this avenue, you can help keep your home pest-free. If you are struggling with other infestations like flies, have a look here for more top tips. 

Keep clean and carry on

While almost everyone would hate having cockroaches in their apartment out of sheer dislike, they are also a real and serious health risk. Cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks, cause illness like gastroenteritis, and cause salmonella and e-coli to spread in your home. These health risks are a key reason why you should ensure that you keep your home as clean as possible, both to discourage cockroaches and other pests and to minimise their impact on your life. 

Make sure you don’t cause yourself harm in the process

Many sprays and substances that you can use in Thailand to kill cockroaches can also be harmful to your health. While a spray can indeed be an effective way of stopping a cockroach in its tracks, it will not fix the underlying problem and can be harmful to you, your family, and any pets you might have as well.

It is essential for health reasons as well as general preference to keep your apartment cockroach free. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, so seal up the entry ways, keep your place clean and as spacious as you can, and don’t use too much bug spray when it can be avoided.

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