5 Ways Immersive View Can Elevate Your Monthly Team Meetings

When it comes to parties, the more, the merrier, but when it comes to Zoom meetings, maybe not. Anybody who’s familiar with Zoom knows that it’s a powerful tool for video conferences, but like any other kind of technology, it also has limitations. One of those limitations is the program’s ability to juggle meetings with many attendees. For a long time, users were simply shuffled into icon tiles in a grid on the screen. In 2020, however, Zoom rolled out a massive change that promised to improve group meetings. This update, called Immersive View, is now one of the most popular features on the platform.

Immersive View Equals Team Building

1. Enjoy fun and funky backgrounds. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Immersive View is its ability to facilitate team-building exercises. One such exercise is the installation of a unique background that reflects your company’s aesthetic effectively. If you’re feeling funny, though, you can experiment with funky Zoom Immersive View templates and find one that your teammates will laugh at.

2. Arrange your colleagues humorously. Backgrounds aren’t the only option for eliciting a laugh from other meeting attendees. If you are the meeting administrator, you can also arrange the icons of meetings attendees in a way that’s humorous. A few mismatched heads and bodies can create havoc and provide your team with a little entertainment value, too. Just be sure to choose the right background for pranks like this.

3. See everybody’s reactions to discussions. In the old version of Zoom, rigid icons represented each attendee and eschewed their reactions from being visible to others. With Immersive View, however, you can easily see exactly what everybody is thinking as a conversation unfolds. You can view your colleagues’ facial expressions in real-time and communicate more effectively as a result. Working in a virtual environment is hard, but it’s a lot easier when you can see the faces of your coworkers. Organizing games to play on zoom with coworkers can help a lot in improving co-ordination among the employees.

Foster a Sense of Unity

4. Team building is just one reason to invest in a Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual background. The sense of unity is another. When you have a team that’s working remotely and everybody is based in a different location, it can be easy to lose the team spirit that keeps a company alive. You might not miss the office, but it’s hard to deny the feeling of belonging that it inspired. Installing matching Zoom backgrounds for your Immersive View meetings is the next best thing to an office reunion.

5. Indulge in breakroom chatter, minus the breakroom. Even if you love living the work-from-home life, remote work can be an isolating experience. It’s a good idea to indulge in the breakroom chatter you used to enjoy in the office — except this time it’s taking place in an Immersive View Zoom meeting. Don’t give up on your connection to your colleagues, and take the time to initiate conversations even when you can’t see them face-to-face in real life.

Enjoy the benefits of Zoom’s Immersive View meetings by fostering stronger relationships with your team.

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