15 Best Fabrics To Make Curtains

Curtains are the most preferable window treatment because they help people get maximum control over privacy and light. Different types of curtains require different materials. For example, if you want to get sheer curtains, choose a chiffon or voile fabric. If you want to get the blackout curtains, you must choose the wool fabric.

For choosing the best fabric for making curtains, people get confused and make the wrong decisions. So, we have brought this article to you to tell you about the best fabrics used for manufacturing curtains.

Top 15 Fabrics For Curtains

Different fabrics are used to make curtains, and every material gives a unique appearance and functionality. Every fabric has a different texture, thickness, and appearance used for designing different styles and designs of curtains. We are going to tell you about the top 15 fabrics that are famous for manufacturing curtains.

1. Velvet Fabric

Velvet is also a well-known fabric used for manufacturing curtains. This material is best for creating blackout curtains because it has a thick/dense surface that can block the maximum amount of light. If you want to create elegant, heavy, and luxurious curtains, you must use this material. This will add a tone of sophistication to your space that can attract every eye that falls on it.

2. Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric comes in a wide range of varieties and colors that are considered the best for making curtains. This versatile and natural fabric has been used to manufacture different styles of curtains that enhance the beauty of any interior decor. Many cotton fabrics have a thick finish of threads that offer high durability, and you can use them for a long time.

3. Muslin Fabric

Muslin is also cotton material but has a sleek, airy, and minimalistic texture. It gives a transparent look, and many people prefer to choose it instead of voile and sheer fabric. If you want to get floaty and billowy curtains, then muslin would be the perfect fabric for you.

4. Silk Fabric

Silk is one of the oldest fabrics used for manufacturing curtains of various designs. It comes in various bold and shimmery colors that you can easily match with your interior. You can also give them various styles to transform your space. For example, if you get the unlined panels, they will create a flowing appearance that can attract anyone.

5. Linen Fabric

Linen fabric comprises flax fibers and is the most traditional material used in the manufacturing of curtains. This fabric is heavier and creates amazing pleats when installed in front of your windows. It gives an elegant/luxurious texture to the interior decor. Because of its thicker surface, this fabric would be a perfect choice for making drapes.

6. Wool Fabric

Wool is a fabric that is dense/thick, and perfect for curtains because it gives great functionality as an insulator. If you live in a frigid atmosphere, this fabric will help you make your room warmer. But washing the wool curtains is a hard task. But they give a luxurious and stunning look to your space when you install them in front of your windows.

7. Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta comes from silk material, but it has also been made from polyester. It has a crinkly, enduring, crisp texture and gives a lustrous, trendy, and luxurious appearance. The curtains that are manufactured from the taffeta fabric give a modern, luxurious, and eye-catching look to any interior decor. These fabrics need to be dry cleaned whenever you want to clean them.

8. Damask Fabric

Damask is not a type of fabric but uses the special technique of the jacquard loom to give unique patterns and contrasting designs to the curtains. This cloth will come from fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, etc. This material is excellent for manufacturing heavy and stiff drapes that give sophisticated and detailed patterns.

9. Polyester Fabric

Polyester is considered a great fabric in the curtain industry. It is made from plastic but has an appearance that resembles cotton, velvet, and even silk. You will find a lot of curtains available on the market comprise polyester material. This is a cheaper material as compared to other natural fabrics. It also offers UV and flame-resistance functionality that gives extra safety to your place.

10. Rayon Fabric

Rayon is basically made from wood pulp, but it resembles silk fabric because of its smooth and sheen appearance. There are a lot of curtains made from rayon that give a sleek and aesthetic look to your interior. You can easily afford it as compared to other fabrics. It also requires dry cleaning.

11. Gauze Fabric

Gauze fabric is used for manufacturing lightweight and decent curtains because it has a translucent appearance, just like sheer fabrics. It gives a surface with an open texture that you can easily see through the gaps. This material is rarely used but gives a lovely texture to the space where you install it.

12. Lace Fabric

The lace comes in various amazing designs and gives a weblike, transparent, and open pattern. Lace can be manufactured with synthetic materials like polyester. Traditionally, it was used as a layer of the sheer panel in front of the main curtains.

But now, many people use it to give a unique touch to their interior. You will not get enough privacy from lace curtains, so you must install them in that area where you need little privacy.

13. Satin Fabric

Satin fabric offers a smooth/sleek surface made from silk and synthetic fabrics like polyester. Satin curtains can block the maximum amount of sunlight from entering a room. If you want to achieve a contemporary and sleek appearance, you must go with satin fabric.

14. Chiffon & Voile Fabric

When we talk about voile and chiffon fabric, the curtains that come to our mind are sheer curtains. This lightweight, sleek, transparent, and airy fabric is used to manufacture sheer curtains that give your interior a bright and aesthetic look.

Technically, the chiffon is made of silk, while the voile comes from polyester or cotton. If you want to get sophisticated and decent curtains for your space, you must go with these fabrics.

15. Brocade Fabric

Brocade fabric is manufactured by multiple layers of threads that are in different amazing colors. This fabric gives a silky, blunt, and patterned surface to the curtains that you can match with your interior. But the only flaw in this fabric is that it gets frayed easily, and you have to protect it by applying multiple linings.


These are the top 15 fabrics that are widely used in making curtains of different types. We hope this article will be helpful to you and that you will easily decide to get the perfect fabric for your curtains. Stay connected with us to get more informational guides like this.

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