What is the Best Way to be Able to Watch NBA Games?

NBA Basketball is the game that is talked about throughout all year. It's not just famous in the USA but also people all over the world love it. NBA is the term used to describe a series of events that include NBA Preseason, NBA Playoffs, NBA All-Star Games, and NBA Finals. In addition, it hosts one of the major events which are held each year to attract fresh talent into the NBA and yes, "NBA Drafts". It is believed that NCAA College Basketball is the basis for that NBA selection of high-quality players from the USA and How to Watch NBA Anywhere in the World. You should look at the Knicks schedule for an upcoming game and purchase tickets to one of their games so you can see these high-quality players play and learn how to replicate them on the court and one day be one of them.

In this article, I am going to share an ultimate guide to watching NBA in the USA, outside the USA, the TV Channels, and the online streaming services enabling you to watch NBA.

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TV Channels for Broadcast NBA

Although it's the age of streaming on the internet, older people prefer watching NBA on television channels. Apart from this Satellite TV is also there to stream channels that broadcast the NBA in the USA.


ESPN is among the main National TV broadcasters from the NBA in the USA. It typically broadcasts on Wednesdays and Fridays Games. But, occasionally, you can catch weekend games on ESPN. You can get access to ESPN Tv by following methods in the US.

Cable is available on almost all cable networks


Direct TV: Channel 206, Channel 209-1 (alternate feed), Channel 1206 (VOD)

Dish Network: Channel 140 Channel 140, Channels 144,145, and 146. (alternate feeds)


U-verse TV: Channel 602 (SD), Channel 1602 (HD)

Verizon Fios: Channel 70 (SD), Channel 570 (HD)

Google Fiber: Channel 21, Xfinity, Channel 27 (SD), Channel 403 (HD)


The package offered by the NBA (under the NBA on ESPN branding) typically begins in the form of Christmas Day games. Then, it is followed by a set of Saturday evenings along with Sunday afternoon games over the remainder of the regular season. The playoff schedule also includes weekend games, as well as the entire NBA Finals games.

Alongside Saturday Night Football in primetime, ABC regularly broadcasts an afternoon doubleheader on Saturdays in the college football season.

ABC also broadcasts some bowl games. Since the start of the 2014 NFL season, ESPN is set to start telecasting a wild card playoff match on ABC. Find out more information here.

Cable is available on nearly all cable networks


In the 2002-03 season, TNT was the only broadcaster to show NBA games on several Tuesday evenings. Following the time that TBS pulled out of NBA coverage because of the league's renewal contract together with Turner Sports, the weekly broadcasts were moved to Thursday nights during the 2003-04 seasons.

TNT broadcasts the opening night games including games on opening night, the NBA All-Star Game, the majority of games during the conference playoffs, and an event from the Conference Finals (the Eastern Conference Finals in odd-number seasons and the Western Conference Finals in even-number years) under the NBA on TNT branding.

It also broadcasts NBA regular-season games that are usually broadcast in a doubleheader during the majority of weeks.

The All-Star Game has been simulcast on TBS since 2015, to block out rivalries between the two networks However, unlike prior TNT/TBS simulcasts, it's not mentioned specifically in commercials for promotional purposes The only time TNT airs of it is mentioned.


NBA TV provides daily basketball news and shows about the lives of basketball players. Additionally, it broadcasts documentaries on a specific NBA team throughout the season as well as archived shows of the most popular games.

NBA TV broadcasts at least 90 regular-season games and certain playoff games in the first round all week long throughout the NBA season (primarily on Tuesdays, Mondays, and Saturdays, although some Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday games could be broadcast when ESPN is not granted rights to air on those evenings).

It also has its very own NBA Draft coverage.

Since NBA TV (although being owned by the league) is not the sole source of broadcast rights for all of its games, live games played on NBA TV are subject to blackout restrictions in the local area.

NBA TV games are also shown by the local rights holder of each team. This is or is a regional sports network or a broadcast television channel.

The scoreboard that was shown during NBA TV's coverage of games (which was previously in the lower left-hand part of the monitor) was replaced by the banner format, which was angled horizontally across the screen from the 2011-13 season.

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