The Best Way To Market Your New Food Business

If you recently opened your own food business, you may be searching for the best marketing strategies that can help you get the company off the ground. Whether you’re operating a restaurant that sells signature products in-house or whether your food business provides frozen or shelf-stable foods to various supermarkets, having the right approach to marketing can help establish the strongest possible foundation for your fledgling food company. Fortunately, even if you have limited prior business experience, there are several strategies that could help you showcase your food products in an appealing and marketable way. From getting branded printed mylar bags to placing ads strategically and more, here are some of the best ways you can market your new food business.

Show Value In Your Package

The first thing your customers see when debating whether to try your food products is your connected packaging, so showcasing value up front is essential. Whatever shape, materials, or colors you may choose for your packaging, it’s important to create the feeling that your product is a great deal. To accomplish this, you may need to:

  • Choose a packaging size that’s slightly larger than your product amounts necessitate in order to create the feeling of a value deal
  • Highlight your product’s best features in bright colors and large letters on the packaging
  • Create an easy-open or resealable package, depending on your type of food product
  • Conduct extensive market research to ensure you craft packaging that speaks to your target market and appeals to your main audiences
  • Include descriptive labels that explain the benefits of your product and why it’s a great deal

Create Product Identity

Whether you’ve decided to go with eye-catching, shiny materials or post consumer recycled materials for your food packaging, another important marketing goal should be communicating a strong brand identity through your packaging and advertisements. Make it your goal to:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Strengthen your food business’s brand overall
  • Supplement wider marketing campaigns
  • Place your food products in highly visible locations
  • Design a clear-cut product identity to create a strong foundation for your food business and support future growth

Thankfully, even if you don’t have a large advertising budget, there are some useful moves that can help you establish a strong product identity for your food business from the get-go. In particular, it would likely be helpful to:

  • Run online advertisements
  • Place physical ads in local papers
  • Start a business website and post in-depth food-related content
  • Share updates about your business on several social media channels
  • Offer product discounts if you’re selling food products in stores
  • Offer in-restaurant meal deals if you’re operating a physical eatery
  • Create a company app that includes loyalty and referral programs

Whatever types of cuisines your fledgling food business may specialize in, knowing how to market your wares effectively can make all the difference in helping to get your company off the ground. Whether you sell signature products in-house or whether you plan to export pre-packaged goods to grocery stores and other vendors, your packaging, product identity, and ad placement are all crucial pieces of a successful marketing strategy. Try these tips to begin marketing your food business to your target consumer groups today.

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