The Best Fishing Destinations in Australia You Must Check Out


With mesmerizing coastlines which stretch over 60,000 kilometers and some of the richest waters with over 4,000 species, Australia is definitely the place to be if you want a proper fishing experience. Not only does this magnificent location feature some of the most stunning fishing hotspots, but it also offers peculiar fish species such as the Australian salmon, black marlin, and even barramundi. In the plethora of great places to visit, which ones definitely stand out?

The Top End

This interesting name refers to the northernmost part of the Northern Territory which surrounds Darwin and Kakadu National Park. This place is especially notable for the vast population of the barramundi, also known as Asian sea bass. The period from October to December is the peak time when the species accumulates in the saltwater estuaries. Fishing hotspots include the Daly River, the Mary River near Shady Camp, and the Adelaide River. The Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage-listed Park, is in the vicinity and it includes the South and East Alligator Rivers, which are one of the best places for boat fishing. In the off-season, the Top End is still a great option for fishing, as the focus shifts towards reef fishing because it is possible to go deep-sea fishing even in the off-season provided that the sea is calm. If boat fishing is not your cup of tea, then perhaps fishing out of a helicopter might pique your interest. 


On the far south coast, Narooma is a town located in New South Wales. This lovely place is known for its enchanting beaches and particularly crystal-clear waters, which makes the fishing experience all the more enjoyable. The very name of the place originally means “clear, blue water”. There are many wonderful fishing charters in Narooma to book, which are a guaranteed way to have an experience like no other. What makes Narooma a wonderful place is also the passionate locals who are fishing experts. This welcoming place is an unforgettable experience simply waiting for you. 

The Whitsundays

Located halfway up the East Coast of Queensland sits the Whitsundays Islands, located just offshore from Airlie Beach. Known for its beaches and reefs, many overlook the Whitsundays for its fishing. What makes this place special is the rocky edges, coral reefs estuaries and deep waters located in and around the islands, which houses a huge variety of game and eating fish. It’s recommended to stay away from bareboat charters in the Whitsundays as they limited to specific areas. Instead of for a Wings private charter Whitsundays that can take you in and around the islands or to deeper water if you have hopes of catching some game fish like Sailfish, Bluefin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, or Marlin. Due to the diversity of the marine environments around the Whitsundays there’s also a wide variety of fish species, so it’s best to talk to your charter company about what fish you’re after so they can direct you to the best spots. It’s also important to note that the Whitsundays is a part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, so fishing is restricted in some areas but again your charter company can help you with this.


Yes, this big urban environment is also home to many exhilarating fishing adventures. It is possible to have an outstanding fishing experience from a boat while looking at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Not only this, but there are numerous famous beaches where you can catch some of the most interesting species of fish, with places like Palm, Coogee, and Bondi Beach. Among the notable fishing hotspots around Sydney, Botany Bay and the Parramatta River also stand out. Botany Bay is home to species like whiting, flathead, bream, and tailor. On the other hand, the Parramatta River is a great place to catch some amazing game because of its excellent waterways. 

Port Stephens

If catching game is what interests you more, then the resort area of Port Stephens close to Sydney is your ideal location. This place allows you to stay competitive as well since there is an annual NSW Interclub Tournament, where most record catches are made. 

Australia is a land of many natural wonders. What better way to experience this amazing side of Australia than by fishing in some of the world’s most attractive locations. Your adventure of a lifetime could very well be in the barramundi-filled waters of the Top End or perhaps in the welcoming atmosphere of Narooma. If you are looking for a surefire way to catch some amazing fish, then Port Lincoln on the shore of Boston Bay is the way to go. You can also engage in some competitive fishing in Port Stephens. Or perhaps, you are looking for an iconic location to enjoy fishing such as Sydney itself.  

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