Leaders Are Made And Not Born: Know From The Leaders

“Leadership is an Action and not a Position”.

The lines uttered by  Donald Mc Gannon are the crux of an expansive idea of a leader.

The leader is not the one who has won some battle or lost. Leadership is akin to a flow of a river that takes with it gravels of all sizes.

You simply can not rest being a leader and you have to lead your team through performance.

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Essential Characteristics of a Leader

There are certain essential characteristics features that a leader needs to be mindful about. These features help to become successful leader. 


A leader needs to be highly communicative in nature. The leaders are the ones who conjecture how a project needs to be implemented. Based on the hardpoint of a project ideas are generated.

The success of a project entirely depends on how the leaders permeate and transform the entire idea of the project among its subordinates.

Leaders need to continuously develop Gift of the Gab so as to ventilate the points to the teammates.

Communication is an art that needs to be mastered through long-drawn examples. It has little to do with talent.

Effective Communication is one quality that needs to be observed and mastered. For example, Bill Clinton and Winston Churchill had extremely good Communication skills to motivate their people. 

Set Examples and Led from the Front

A leader needs to be a good performer, rather than the best performer. Performance comes through constant practices rising from failures.

Therefore, it could be said that Talent is not everything. Many possess the talent but few are there who could replicate the thoughts into constructive actions; perpetuate the ideals into a crudest of reality.

For example, mention could be made of Shakespeare's immortal character  Macbeth who became valor's minion with its brandish’d Steel. This is a perfect example of leading from the front and taking charge of some projects.


When there is immense pressure before oneself to expand its capabilities and perform. This psychological state of elasticity needs to be driven by the thrust of Motivation. Challenging projects need good Motivation.

Be it Sports, Music, Politis – leaders need to possess the capacity of motivating their people continuously.

This is one thing that is developed through observations. The observing capacity of an individual transforms itself into an exceptional leader.

All you need is to have your senses opened all the time to comprehend the changes. The Vocal Tonic of  Jose Mourinho is famous. 

Transformation capacity 

Great Transformations need great Eagerness, Veracity, and Vision. An eminent example could be cited in the form of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Mahatma Gandhi’s visions are exemplary and they remained immutable during the freedom struggle.

Gandhi’s actions never had anything to do with  Talent. They were 100% actions.

Inspired by Immutability and firmness Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King also brought in tremendous transformation in their own realm. Therefore leaders teach to fight for the right. 

Recognizing the Foster Potential 

Leaders must have the capacity to identify their people. The inquisitive eye and quest for perfection completely transform oneself into great scouts.

The leaders understand who are the ones who are going to deliver for the team.

The rise of Google at the hands of Sundar Pichai has to be credited to Google management and leadership. They scouted the best talent to fire in with a revolution internal to the company.

Leaders are Made and Not born

Leaders constantly burn themselves in the aspects of development. Sometimes they emerge out victorious and sometimes they might lose.

Experience might matter a lot. J.K Rowling is a living example before us. Her writings were rejected numerous times. She suffered continuous failures and everybody realized and valued the potential. 

Of course, she was immensely talented but her perseverance and never say die attitude complied to create Harry Potter. 

According to the eminent poet, William Blake,  Experience must be the ultimate characteristic of an individual.

He raised his awe at the audacity of the omnipresent that caves out the sinews of the Tyger. Remember, any tool made up of iron is continuously hit under the Anvil.


In order to conclude it could be opined that the Leaders need to radiate the experience obtained through consistent falls. 

Leaders need to consistently take charge so that the entire term performs well. We have given examples like Gandhi but I would like to mention Napoleon Bonaparte and Chengis Khan.

Both of them are the embodiment of power, practicality, hard work, smart work, and consistent action. Therefore it can not be declined that Leaders are born and not made.

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