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Haruki, a Japanese writer, has beautifully explained death by saying, "Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it." Thus, death cannot be denied, and ultimately, all human beings have to face death. But losing someone beloved is irreplaceable and brings pain along with it. According to a quote that agrees with this statement, death leaves a heartache that cannot be healed, and love goes to memories that none can steal.

You would also agree that death brings a rough phase for the members of the dead person. Organizing the last journey for loved ones is difficult for the grieved family, not in terms of finances but emotions and state of mind. At this point, if you take help from funeral services, you would not only be able to give a dignified burial for your beloved ones but also a lot of things would be done by the funeral services you might miss out in the state of sadness.

What A Funeral Services Provides

A burial ceremony is held before burying the deceased person or cremating. To ease the pressure from the grieved family of organizing the ceremony, some companies have taken the responsibility. These companies provide their services, arrange the whole ceremony, and give a great farewell to the dead person. 

Companies That Offer These Services

Though these services are available in most parts of the world, let me tell you about some companies that provide these funeral services Singapore . The first one to mention would be the Singapore Funeral Services, which aims to give the best to their clients. So to maintain this goal, they provide a proper and worthy farewell to the deceased person. There are no hidden charges in terms of prices at funeral services singapore; everything is self-explanatory there. So you don't worry about expenses. Moreover they can be contacted anytime, even at odd times. Apart from this, you can contact this Funeral Care Services to arrange the function for the deceased one. They have been in business since 2017 and prepare a memorable ceremony to bid farewell to deceased ones.

Ang Brothers are also one of the companies which give its services to bereaved families. Due to its reliable and exceptional services, it has become one of the top companies in Singapore to offer funeral services. You would be astounded to know that they have given their services to around 8000 families. Thus they live up to their vision of no hidden charges; the client has to pay that has been decided. Moreover, by giving services at reasonable prices, they want to give a respectful and dignified farewell to the dead person.

Thus all  these  funeral services companies  give services wholeheartedly to their clients because they know the emotional crisis the families grow through when they lose their loved ones. One aspect of talking about is that all the companies mentioned above cater to all the religions, whether you belong to Christianity, Buddhism, Catholic, Muslim. They will arrange the ceremony accordingly. So you don't need to worry about it.

Now Let's Have A Look At Taoist Funeral Customs

As said earlier, each religion has its customs and beliefs, and they want the funeral ceremonies according to their rituals and traditions. Taoist funeral services are no exception. But before knowing Taoist practices, let's look at and understand Taoists.

Who Are Taoists?

Taoism, or Daoism, is a Chinese philosophy around 500 BCE. It is attributed to a philosopher, Lao Tzu. It became the national religion in Tang Dynasty, and according to its source, everything is Tao. Thus Taoism is religion and philosophy. Their main principles are to live a simple life and nature plays an important role, so one has to remain close to heart. The people who would accept the changes as life brings will live a smooth and relaxed life compared to those who challenge these changes.

As the saying goes, "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Taoism firmly believes in this. Everything that happens is according to a way, so accept things as they come.

It's Time To Have A Look At Taoist Beliefs Regarding Death.

Taoists have the spiritual concept, they consider the soul as a part of the human body . Furthermore, Taoism focuses on good deeds during  life, and a person should live a perfect and peaceful life without destroying the natural world instead of fleeing it after death.There are many  steps included in Taoist funeral services which are not not easy to accomplish for the family . So Taoist funeral services singapore comes ahead for performing all these steps smoothly according to their beliefs.

Taoist funeral services  arrange all the accessories  which are a must for taoist  funeral including cleaning  of the body, dressing up  dead person, casket arrangement ,  altar arrangement and much more

Another important thing you would like to know is that an altar needs to be prepared for the pre-funeral ceremony. On the altar, you will see a lamp referring to the light of wisdom, tea as a symbol of Yin, rice to show Yang, and water to show togetherness of Yin and Yang. Moreover, you will find two candles symbolizing sun and moon and five plates full of fruits to represent five elements: water, wood, earth, fire, and metal. Incense is also burnt, which is a way of showing the purification of the spirit.So basically, Yin and Yang are two forces in Chinese philosophy where Yin is an opposing force, and Yang is a positive one, and the interaction of the two brings peace in everything.

Mostly the red color is avoided in Taoist funerals  as it is the color of life, the deceased is dressed in a neat and clean dress, usually in blue, black, or white.Before the body is placed in the casket, it is made sure that it is in good shape and covered in blue cloth with a face in yellow fabric.After preparing all the necessary arrangements, rituals are performed   by one of the members of the deceased one.

What To Expect While Attending The Taoism Funeral

Taoist funeral services depend on the age and status of the deceased person. The richer the person, the more grand the funeral ceremony will take place.

During the taoist funeral ceremony, you will find Flowers, incense, and pictures. The chants read by the priest, supported by drums and other musical instruments in the ceremony, or the rituals performed to focus on life more instead of death are meant to protect the deceased and the people attending the funeral.

Do not forget to bring a piece of yellow paper with you to the ceremony, which is burnt before leaving the ceremony. The concept of yellow paper burning is that it saves you from all evils that might follow you home. For a similar reason, when opening the casket, the people maintain a distance.

Dress Code For Taoism Funeral

Wearing a white dress made of coarse material is the code the immediate family members follow in Taoism's funeral. Moreover, they prefer to wear sandals made of straws. The white headband is worn by men, whereas women wear white pointed hoods because they are also part of the dress.While the person who is not an immediate family member, can choose blue o black to wear during the ceremony.

A Sad Period Is For How Long? 

According to tradition, this period lasts for forty-nine days. During this period, rituals are being done daily or every week for the dead person. Haircuts by children and grandsons are prohibited. 

Do Funeral Services Offer Taoists Funeral Packages?

Yes, funeral services offer their services to organize a Taoist funeral. Some of the best funeral services in Singapore have some amazing deals regarding Taoist funeral services. Funeral services Singapore  offer two packages One for three days costs around $7,500. The other package provided by them was $8,500 for 5days. It includes all the services and things required for the ceremony like caskets, flowers, and many other things. And to ease the clients' stress, their mode of payment is straightforward. While the covid package they are offering for three days is around $7588. If the proceeding is of 5 days, it costs $8088. They offer the procedure based on Cantonese Haines, or if you want the funeral ceremony in Hakka, the Funeral solutions will organize it accordingly. So you don't have to worry.


Eliot's thought-provoking quote, "Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them, truly depicts the loved one has towards its beloved SSone, and their death leaves a vacant place which can never be fulfilled, and they are always remembered. Their love during their lives; similarly, they deserve a grand farewell. And the deceased family being in pain, won't be able to organize the funeral ceremony, so hire the service of funeral services companies and give your loved one the kind of farewell they deserve.

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