Advantages and disadvantages of waterproof self-tanner?


Self-tanning products are widely available in health shops and supermarkets. They contain a mixture of ingredients that can have various advantages and disadvantages. Waterproof self-tanning products contain chemicals that tan your skin and can make it look darker. These may make your skin look better but can also cause your skin to look more orange, uneven and greasy. You may also find that your skin looks darker for a few days after using self-tanning products.

If you have sensitive skin, choose self-tanning products with a lower concentration of the chemicals. Look for ones with the following ingredients:


Stearic Acid

This ingredient can help moisturise your skin and improve its appearance, by replacing missing oils. It helps keep the skin soft and supple.


This ingredient protects your skin against bacteria. It also contains a chemical called a benzophenone, which is used to tan your skin.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and/or triethanolamine

These are moisturising emollients. They can protect your skin against irritation. These ingredients also help make the self-tanning product more spreadable.


Are these Safe?

Waterproof Self-tanning products are generally safe to use as long as they are not applied on broken or irritated skin and you follow the manufacturer's instructions. You should never apply self-tanning products to your eyes.


How to find good quality waterproof self-tanner

The quality of a self-tanner can be determined by reading online reviews. By understanding the complex language used in these reviews, one can make an informed purchase about the best quality waterproof self-tanner for their individual needs. Many factors, such as skin type and desired color, can help determine the best product for an individual. Reviews often discuss not only the quality of the tanning agent, but also the ease of use, smell, and moisturizing effects of the product.



• Waterproof Self-tanning products can be used anywhere you like. You don’t need to apply it in a specific area of your body before going out. It can be used under makeup for a natural looking tan.

• Self-tanning products are quick and easy to apply. They can even be applied with a damp sponge. If you are applying a self-tanning product to your face, the results are usually immediate.

• These products can make your skin look darker for a few days after application. This is due to the absorption of the chemicals into your skin. The color will come off naturally over a few days.

• You can use self-tanning products every day without worrying about the effects on your skin.

• Waterproof self-tanning products are safe to use on most skin types.



• Self-tanning products can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky for a few days.

• Some people find that the chemical in self-tanning products makes their skin feel itchy.

• Self-tanning products may have an unpleasant smell.

• Self-tanning products can cause your skin to look orange or uneven for up to a week after use. You may need to use a separate bronzer or self-tanning lotion to give you a more even color.


Waterproof Self-tanning products are usually available in the following strengths:

Light: This is the least powerful self-tanning product.

Medium: This is the most popular option. It gives a good color, but the tan does fade away after a day or two.

Deep: This is the strongest and most long-lasting self-tanning product.

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