6 Engagement Ring Settings and Styles to Follow in 2022


We expect 2022 to be adventurous in most domains. We've all been quite static and boring for the past two years anyway.

 When it comes to engagement rings, our expectations are a bit higher than in other domains. And that's mostly because the past two years have taught us a great deal about expressing and celebrating love at the moment. There's no point compromising on this, delaying it, or waiting for the perfect time. Celebrate your love right now!

 To help you live by this mantra and flavor your journey with the best possible, we have listed six upcoming engagement ring styles and settings. These ring trends are already taking the market by storm, and we can only imagine the heights they'll reach through the rest of 2022.


Oval-Cut Diamonds in East-West Setting


Oval-cut diamond rings are the ones you see in the movies or read about in fairytales. This classic ring style comes from the 1300s, but they weren't defined and named until the 1800s. It is a slender oval-shaped diamond, which looks astoundingly classy and exquisite.

With that said, we know that when fashion returns to the market, it brings a new approach with it. Oval-cut diamond rings have also made it back to the market with a twist. These rings now come with an east and west setting, wherein the stone is positioned horizontally on the band.


Diamond-less Designs


Another common yet popular trend that emerged at the end of 2021 is the diamond-less rings. Lately, people have been exploring other gemstones. And that’s again because of diamond-ring saturation in the market and engagement rings trends.

Plus, the pandemic has left us all economically strained! Gemstones like Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, and Tanzanite are emerging as more economical solutions.

Garnet engagement rings seem to have gained more popularity over others. Perhaps, it’s because of the stone's deep, entrancing pomegranate color. It’s not only captivating to the eye but also an excellent color to complement most metal bands. It’s easier to style with everyday wear. And in terms of relationship symbolism, it's synonymous with truth and commitment! 

You and Me Engagement Rings

You and Me engagement rings have a French background. And these are better known as Toi et Moi engagement rings. The ring design is such that the metal coils around the fingers and hold two identical stones. Usually, these are rare diamonds. But in 2022, we expect to see other gemstones in Toi et Moi engagement rings.

Three-Stone Setting

As history goes, the three stones in a three-stone setting represent the past, present, and future. This historic engagement ring design symbolizes the commitment to one another for eternity.

In 2022, we might see these rings as combinations of smaller diamonds and bigger gemstones. Couples may have these rings designed as per a specific meaning since each gemstone carries its particular aura and symbolism. 

Owing to its unique shape, it can hold a good amount of diamonds. Hence, it's one of the premium, elegant designs that demand a good budget.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

The bezel-set ring holds the center stone in place. In this setting, the stone happens to be surrounded by a metal rim, and it may have 4-6 mini-prongs to hold the stone.

As of yet, it is amongst the most aesthetic ring designs to have emerged from the Ancient Egyptian and Roman jewelers. We see it making a major comeback in 2022 because of its clean and bold looks.

Striking Combos

As mentioned earlier, stylists and consumers are both set out to get some excitement from life. Nobody’s ready to waste time waiting for the perfect time to enjoy their life and please themselves as they like to.

And so, we see a lot of striking color combinations coming up in 2022. Since gemstones are becoming a popular choice instead of diamonds, we see striking combos ending up on metal bands. For example, imagine Garnet with two tiny emeralds surrounding it on a platinum metal band. Gone are the days when we were afraid of what people would say, it’s time to experiment and explore! 


Final Words


Summing up, the engagement rings trends of 2022 are taking a much diverse and engaging turn. We can't wait to see how these develop all through 2022. And we truly hope they bloom even better in your favor. Good luck!

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