5 Top Tips On Choosing Your First Holiday Home

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If you are considering buying a holiday home, then it can be easy to get carried away, especially if you’ve had the holiday of a lifetime and have your rose-tinted spectacles on. The important thing is to take your time, play it smart and choose wisely. You could end up with a healthy investment, or somewhere that you are happy to spend the rest of your retirement holidays for years to come.

1. Choose Your Location Wisely

When purchasing a holiday home, you’re going to want to make sure that you buy in a desirable area so that if you want to in the future, you can sell your property and make some money. Your purchase should be one of an investment opportunity as well as somewhere that you will be happy to vacation in when you choose to spend time there. You could even lease your property like Caribbean Villas to holiday makers at times of the year when you won’t be there.

2. Lease Prior To Actually Buying

Prior to making a commitment, lease the property that you are considering purchasing (preferably more than one time, if possible). If leasing the property is not an option, then you should lease a property within the location you're hoping to buy in, ensuring you'll genuinely love it. Go for at least a couple of weeks at a time to check whether or not boredom kicks in during prolonged stays. Also, be sure to speak with experts such as https://luxuryapartmentsmarbella.com/ who can assist you if you are considering Marbella as a possible location.

3. Visit At Various Times Of The Year

This is for you to learn about climate and tourist tendencies. For instance, you might discover that there are times of the year that the location you are thinking of has an unusually large amount of holiday makers, or tourists - something you wouldn’t necessarily know if you only visit at a particular time of the year. You might find that you dislike having to make a special meal reservation far in advance around the warmer months in peak season, while you're there to rest.

4. Try & Buy Under Your Budget

One of the smartest things you could do is to buy under your budget, mainly because there may be unexpected costs, or charges that you hadn’t initially anticipated. For example, you may want to make some alterations to your property once you’ve purchased it in order to make it more attractive.

And, if you intend to lease your property out at any time of the year, you will essentially be becoming a landlord/landlady, as such you will have certain responsibilities when it comes to upkeep of the property. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough capital in the bank to cover these kinds of things. 

5. Be Realistic About When & How Often You’ll Use It

In the midst of all the excitement of a wonderful holiday or getaway, it is far too common to be unrealistic about how often you’ll actually use the property you are considering. It may seem like a reality at the time, but make sure that you think it thoroughly and not get carried away. 

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If once you’ve done enough research and spent enough time at your desired location, and the reality still looks something like your dream, then it’s meant to be.

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