What can I use to remove an on old wood stain on a carpet?

 Wood stains on carpets are caused because of placing the furniture or by wooden walls. You can do your best to prevent stains from spoiling the carpet but some accidents cannot be averted at times. Nevertheless, the best part is that there are techniques to get rid of wood stains that have spoiled your carpet. The stain on your carpet due to your wooden furniture is usually the polish of the wooden furniture, which gets carried onto the carpet fibres. The earlier you treat these stain after the staining has occurred, the better are the chances of removing it effectively. It is much tougher and tedious at the same time to remove wood furniture stains present on the carpet once the stain has trickled into the carpet fibres. Another important thing to remember about carpet stain removal is that you should conduct a patch test before you decide to try out a removal process. It is beneficial to do so on a portion of carpet that is usually concealed with furniture. Doing so would save your carpet from bearing the brunt of getting damaged or fading. You also need to remember that you may have to continue this process numerous times to get the stain out properly. There are certain stubborn stains that do not come out no matter how much you try. In such cases, you must call in a carpet stain removal Adelaide . The job can be easily done by someone specializing in carpet pet removal perth . Read ahead to know what can be done to remove wood stains from carpets:

How do Wood Stains spoil your Carpets?

In many cases moistness is the prime reason for wood stains to occur. The following are the most common factors that are responsible for wood stains:

  • Wood stains occur when you work on your carpets without making use of protective pads below the wooden furniture.
  • If your pets are not potty trained, they may pee on the carpet and that may lead to wood paint to get dispersed onto the carpet.
  • Spillage of food or drink on the wood furniture which then trickles off on top of the carpet.
  • Shifting bulky furniture without taking any safety measure.
  • Water damage due to floods or water leakage from pipes or ceiling.
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The furniture bases are unseen, most furniture manufacturers do not apply protective varnish on that part. Protective varnish usually improve the look of the furniture and cap the staining compounds into the wood. The base areas of furniture do not have this varnish hence they are more vulnerable to catch stains when exposed to damp substances.

How to Remove Stains of wood furniture that have seeped onto the carpet? 

You would require a vacuum cleaner, warm water, a mild dishwash liquid, paper towels and a non-staining block

  • Vacuum the carpet so any loose and dry dust particles on the stained area can be removed.
  • Add warm water into the mild dishwashing liquid to make your carpet cleaning solution.
  • Take your towel and use it to apply this cleaning solution onto the stained area of the carpet and leave it on for 5 minutes.
  • Take another towel to soak out the stained area continuing this process until all of the stain has been moved to the towel and you are pleased with the results.
  • Once you are pleased with the result, place clean paper towels on the area you worked on which will be enough to soak out any extra dampness and protect it from staining again.
  • Place the non-staining block on top of the clean paper towels and leave it for 8-9 hours.
  • Vacuum the area and also steam it after 8-9 hours to salvage the look and feel of the rest of the carpet

It is important to remember to not scrub the stain while removing it. Experts always recommend dabbing and applying moderate pressure rather than violently scrubbing. Scrubbing may only increase the area of stain and also make the stain go deeper into the fabric making it solider and difficult to remove. If still the stains refuse to come out, it is better to call in a carpet cleaning professional specializing in Carpet stain removal perth. It is better to spend money on professional services than ruining the carpet and incurring charges on its replacement.

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